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Belarus' MP: If Obama visited Minsk, this would be a success of Belarusian diplomacy

Belarusian deputy Vitaly Busko answered the CTV Channel's question about the Normandy Four talks on Ukraine after the President's State of the Nation Address on April 29.

Mr Busko, are Americans willing to sit at the negotiation table?

Vitaly Busko, MP of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Indeed, perhaps this all will smolder for a long-long time. What do you mean "want or not want, I mean Americans?" Today we cannot say it clearly. It was already said by the President. If this is voiced by the four leaders of the Normandy talks and if they say: "Mr. President of the Great States, we cannot do without you here to finish the job." Therefore, I believe this will greatly depend on them. And they are interested, I am deeply convinced of that. Because Europe does not need a blazing fire in the center of the continent.

Will Mr. Obama come to Minsk for the Normandy talks (already Normandy five)?

Vitaly Busko:
I think it would be great, it would be a success of Belarusian diplomacy. And I think that Obama would not be wrong if he visited us.

Vitaly Busko, Belarus' MP