Belarusians about President Lukashenko's state of the nation address

Belarusians about President Lukashenko's state of the nation address

The annual state of the nation address of Alexander Lukashenko actually voices the development strategy for the country in the near future. Therefore, officials and employees, and workers all over Belarus listened carefully to the head of state.

People in uniform liked the clarity of wording and content of the message.

The broadcast of the President's speech was available in all the military units of Belarus.  

Alexander Poluyanov, soldier of the 38th separate mobile brigade:
The President said the state will support young workers. Since I would like to stay and work in Belarus and have a decent salary and position in society.  

Yana Demchuk, female soldier of the 38th separate mobile brigade:
I am interested in the program supporting young families. I have one child. But if the program actually works like it was said, of course, I will plan to have a second child.

Oksana Shishkova, mother of many children, patient of the Vitebsk regional clinical hospital:
We have access to everything that social policy targets. And we use it. No one denies our access there. This is felt in housing, in schools and kindergartens. Though babies are born for themselves, the state does not remain on the sidelines. This baby will receive maternity capital, he's the fifth child in our family. He is lucky and we are lucky.

A lot is done in Belarus for the development of education. Teachers of the country received today several tasks from the President at the national level: from the availability of kindergartens to the level of knowledge in schools.

In this school in the Mogilev region, teachers watched the presidential address together with schoolchildren.

Victoria Sleptsova, 11th grade student of gymnasium No3, Bykhov:
It is necessary to introduce innovations in education. I think that they should be introduced first of all in schools, because it all starts with schools, from the ground.

Lyudmila Pushistova, Russian language and literature teacher:
If we talk about culture, of course, I would like to see more movies produced in Belarus. I would like to see new faces, our talented Belarusian artists and actors. We need to promote our Belarusian roots.

Anastasia Adamchenko, biology teacher:
The most urgent question was social dependency. We are all equal, regardless of sex and age. I read that everyone should make some contribution and work as far as possible, if you are healthy and able enough.