Belarus President to address parliament, Belarusian people 29 April


Belarus President to address parliament, Belarusian people 29 April

The main political event of the spring. President Alexander Lukashenko on April 29 will address the Belarusian people and the National Assembly. This is traditionally one of the most important social and political events in Belarus.

The head of state analyzes the situation in the country and the world, and voice the ways of Belarus' development in the near future. What has changed since last year's address? Ilona Volynets has the story.

Modernization of domestic enterprises is strictly controlled by the Head of State. The failure to modernize industries is unacceptable, said the President a year ago in his annual state of the nation address. Yes, not all problems have been solved but there are also a lot of positive examples. Gomel Chemical Plant will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in 2015. After the recent modernization of phosphoric acid production the company created a unique process line.

Eduard Makushinsky, Acting Deputy Director of Production Plant:
We save electricity and energy. There is a new automated line there which is controlled automatically.

A year ago, the President in his speech touched upon the traditional social sphere. The head of state instructed to work out the project "Big Family". Today, the program works successfully. After the birth of the third child, the state opens a deposit of 10,000 dollars, which can be obtained when the child reaches 18.

Another document was announced by the President and then became reality. Responsibility of all parts of the production chain was strengthened by Decree No.5. On the one hand, managers now have new tools of influence on subordinates, but on the other hand they risk losing a warm place.

Alexander Stetsko, member of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
The decree affected the situation in the production sector, reduced the number of negative cases when people come to work under the influence, cases of absenteeism. Responsibility for work has increased.   

Decree No.5 also aims to eradicate corruption in the country. Managers with a tarnished reputation will not be able to hold high office for five years.

In 2015, Belarus became part of the grand entity - the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). The economic effects of the integration of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are already evident. It is expected that the GDP of the participating countries will grow to $900 billion by 2030. There is an interest in other countries. Earlier this year, Armenia joined the union, and Kyrgyzstan wants to become the fifth member state.

Alexander Ivanovsky, First Prorector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus:
The union is seen as an opportunity and the ability to enhance our global competitiveness. 

The Belarusian capital became the center of high politics. Minsk is now associated with the word "peace". Minsk arrangements have already been recognized as the first step in the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict.

2014 will live in memory of Belarusians thanks to the grand sporting event. The IIHF World Championship was held in Minsk. The championship was being prepared under the personal patronage of the Belarus President. As a result, three new subway stations opened prior to the hockey tournament, as well as more than a dozen hotels and the sports complex Chizhovka Arena.

The International Ice Hockey Federation was recognized the best in the IIHF World Championship history.

The annual address, of the head of state has become a tradition. Foreign policy, economic situation, and of course social policy. The President analyzes the situation in the country and the world, and most importantly voices the development of Belarus in the near future, which is exactly the thing that matters to every Belarusian.