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After Big Crystal Globe: Darya Domracheva wins mega mass start in Tyumen

Tyumen Governor on April 4 closely followed the champion from Belarus Darya Domracheva. The winner of the Big Crystal Globe for only a few hours came home to Minsk, to hug her mother and brother and then flew to places where snow still lies. The Picture of the World program reports from Tyumen and Minsk.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
I postponed the reception of citizens, therefore, probably I violated some requirements but this is due to objective reasons.

The reason is really compelling. For less than a day, Darya Domracheva finally came home to Minsk. She had not been at home since December. Therefore, to see the owner of the Crystal Globe in person is a rarity even for the Minister of Sport.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
We tried not to miss a single race. We watched when we could and I cheered for Dasha.

The minister came to meet the champion with roses.

"Congrats on the victory, Dasha"

Flowers for Domracheva blossomed on the cake in her honor, too. Roses here are gold - in tone with Darya's medals.

When Dasha returned from Sochi with three medals, she was presented three chocolate medals.

The biathlete held the Crystal Globe firmly in her hands.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winner of the Big Crystal Globe, three-time Olympic champion:
There were a lot of difficult things. Including difficult moments with the preparation of skis this year. In many races, I just had to clench my teeth fighting.

Young Daria Blashko has been repeatedly called second Daria Domracheva.   She hopes that soon they will meet on the skiing track.

Daria Blashko, winner of the 2015 Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships:
She has perfect technique, beautiful and efficient running technique. In the future, perhaps she is my rival.

Darya Domracheva is of course an exemplary athlete. This season alone she climbed on the podium nine times and won four pursuit races.

After Minsk, Dasha flew to Tyumen.

Siberia is among those few places where snow still lies in April. Tyumen and Minsk are three thousand kilometers apart.  And our precious biathlon troops have already landed in the "Pearl of Siberia" (this is the name of the sports complex). Crystal and golden Darya Domracheva and winner of Sochi bronze Nadezhda Skardino.

Pearl of Siberia

It is interesting that Darya Domracheva was in one plane with Finland's Kaisa Makarainen, her arch rival, whom Darya deprived of the Crystal Globe at the World Cup.

The international competition for the prize of the governor of the Tyumen region have been held for four years in a row. And three years ago, Darya Domracheva won a gold medal here in Tyumen.

The CTV channel managed to get on the VIP stands and cheer for Belarusians together with Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev. By the way, the head of the region is a board member of the Russian Biathlon Union.

Vladimir Yakushev, governor of the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation:
What lies behind the concept of the "prize of the governor?" First-placed athlete gets 7,500 euro. It is likely that almost every Russian knows who Darya Domracheva is. Russia and European countries like her.

Vladimir Yakushev, governor of the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation:
What kind of relationship between Belarus and Russia? I would still say they more resemble warm and family relations, which does not prevent us from doing our business and developing our economies. We have much in common, we have a common history. Today the relationship between Russia and Belarus is open, honest and friendly.

Green buses on the roads of Tyumen were made in Belarus.

Vladimir Yakushev, governor of the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation:
The quality of these buses today is not different from the quality of, say, buses that we bought from the same Mercedes. Here it is worthy of serious respect. We have something to learn from our Belarusian colleagues.

Darya Domracheva's mom is also in the stands. Larisa does not relax until the finish line like her daughter. From the very start, the Belarusian left behind many famous biathletes from around the world.

Darya Domracheva winning the race in Tyumen

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winner of the Grand Crystal Globe, three-time Olympic champion:
You see the quality of the track: it is wet and spring-like. But I knew that I had to be very calm and focused at the shooting range. In principle, I did well and coped with everything, I won!

The governor of the Tyumen region could not refrain from a selfie with Darya Domracheva. On April 5, Domracheva faces a new challenge - the race of champions.

Darya Domracheva