New Minsk districts: Lebyazhy, Mayak-Minsk, and Zavodskoy district’s novelty


New Minsk districts: Lebyazhy, Mayak-Minsk, and Zavodskoy district’s novelty

Hundreds of newly-erected buildings appear in Minsk annually. Whole districts arise at the places where private sector houses were previously located. Five million square meters of new accommodation is going to be built in 2015. Kamennaya Gorka, Loshitsa, and Lebyazhy – that is not a full list of neighborhoods that existed only on paper about ten years ago.

Anastasia Tarasyuk, the CTV:
One of the most wide-scale building projects over the last years. A new neighborhood will be built in Minsk. Twenty four thousand Minsk citizens will soon move to the Lebyazhy neighborhood.

Architects emphasized the expressiveness and aesthetical beauty of the buildings. The project is to become an adornment of the city. The whole territory is divided into three parts. The first part runs along Pobediteley Avenue, the second one adjoins the former village Rzhavets and the sanctuary and the last part is situated between the village and Narochanskaya Street.

Anatoly Shabalin, chief architect of  RUP Institute Belgosproekt:
The tower blocks behind – so-called “candle-houses” – make one of the most important components of the development. Their silhouette should be seen from the distant places of Second Ring Road and from the opposite side of Pobediteley Avenue.

All in all, it is promised to build approximately seven hundred square meters of living space in Lebyazhy. Moreover, polyclinics, schools, kindergartens, and entertaining and shopping centers are to be built there too. Construction is about 80 % accomplished .

Anatoly Shabalin:
The project was promptly created and new neighborhood appeared within three years. Nevertheless, it is important not only to design, but to realize all the architectural ideas that were planed.

Anastasia Tarasyuk, the CTV:
New sports and health-improving complex. The Zavodskoy district lacked such kind of a construction for a long time. By the way, first visitors can attend the complex as early as in summer 2015.

At present, facing and interior finish works continue. A huge list of health-improving and entertaining services will be placed in the two-storied building, with saunas, bowling, solarium, phyto bar, workout rooms and cafes among them.

Pavel Kuzmitsky, chief engineer of the capital construction department of the Zavodskoy district:
We are in the main hall of the pool. The pool is for five lanes. In a small part of the building, you can find a pool for kids, a learn-to-swim pool and a Jacuzzi.

The center is to be modern and unique for a big city. Inside the complex, everything will be decorated with the purpose of making the center as durable as possible. The administration of Zavodskoy District expects that this center will be popular not only among the local citizens, but among all the citizens of Minsk.

Pavel Kuzmitsky:
The builders say that there are no unrealizable tasks. Still, while designing this complex it was necessary to place an object highly equipped with engineering communications on a very small territory. There are numerous airways that clean, supply and heat air as well as dehumidify it. There are complicated systems of indoor climate maintenance, that is the temperature in the pool should always be the same: not too cold and not too hot. Also, there are engineering systems for power supply and access control. The same system as in the Lebyazhy center will be applied. Just as there, a person can come to the pool, they will have a special electronic bracelet and will be able to use any services of the center.

Anatasia Tarasyuk, The CTV:
A new residential area in the center of the city. Tower-blocks and a business center near the National Library start to take shape.
One million square meters of living area and selling space. A building company aims at creating a city within the city. The shopping center takes central place there. Shops and boutiques will be placed on the first and the second floors, and the third one will be occupied with the leisure area – a spacious modern cinema with several halls and restaurants.

Harry Berrouse, vice-president of a building company:
In Mayak-Minsk everyone will be able to occupy themselves with something. Here people will live, work and have a rest. There will be created all the necessary conditions for children, in the field of education and development. We are trying to create a unique mini-town, which will become an adornment of Minsk. This complex includes a business center and a shopping center that will occupy eleven flours. The business center will be one of the most technically equipped centers in Belarus. Offices of the subsidiary companies of famous international corporations will be placed in the center.

Apartment houses here are built in one style. The infrastructure in the new neighborhood is also provided. A modern school, kindergartens and parking spaces will be erected near the newly-erected buildings. The construction is planned to be completed by 2017.