Biathlon queen Darya Domracheva returns to Belarus after successful season


Biathlon queen Darya Domracheva returns to Belarus after successful season

Darya Domracheva is going to do synchronized swimming, and even perform at the 2016 Games in Rio. This is how the legendary Belarusian biathlete joked with reporters on April Fool's Day when asked about future plans.

The plane with the national women's biathlon team landed in Minsk on April 1. The owner of the Big Crystal Globe and her colleagues deserved warm applause and gifts.

Larisa Minin, mother of Darya Domracheva:
She departs tomorrow, she flew less than for a day.  Just to touch her is a great joy. Here words are not necessary.

Red carpet, bread and salt, and even a special musical greeting.

Dasha held firmly to her long-awaited sports trophy. It was with her all the way from Vienna to Minsk. The sportswoman will decide herself where the crystal globe will be kept.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winner of the Big Crystal Globe of the 2014/2015 season, triple Olympic champion:
The Crystal Globe is the award for which you can compete every year. Prior to this season, I could not win it. Of course, I'm really glad that it is now in my collection.

Fans' nerves were on edge several times during this season. Just a step away from the dream, at the last race in Khanty-Mansiysk, the prima of Belarusian biathlon prepared for standing shooting while she was supposed to shoot from the prone position. There were several such incidents in her career. And at that moment fans all over the world and those on the stands shouted in unison: "Dasha, get down!" And she heard.

Valery Vakulchik, head of the Belarusian Biathlon Federation:
This is not a confusion but the highest degree of concentration. Only a few can find a way to get together and subordinate everything to the ultimate goal.