President Lukashenko meets with Arkhangelsk governor Igor Orlov March 30

President Lukashenko meets with Arkhangelsk governor Igor Orlov March 30

Belarus and the Arkhangelsk region are interested in intensifying cooperation in the whole range of issues. This was announced on March 30 by President Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with the governor of that Russian region Igor Orlov.

This is the first time the Arkhangelsk region delegation has visited Belarus. The parties are confident that the visit should be a step for the further development of cooperation. Especially because foreign trade relations are developing dynamically. In 2014, the trade turnover increased by more than 15% and amounted to over $200 million.

However, Belarusian export is less than a quarter of this figure. Our country supplies to Arkhangelsk Oblast meat products, sugar, and trucks. It is obvious that the export potential of Belarus is much wider. Therefore, as the President said, the sides need to seriously think about how to balance the bilateral trade.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Promising directions of our cooperation are significant. First of all, we can talk about increasing the supply of Belarusian machines of different types and different directions. Belarusian builders are ready to work for you and if there is such a need. I think we can offer you modern design of buildings and structures. We are ready to supply to you agricultural products if your region needs them. Also, we are ready to work to strengthen your agriculture - we have the appropriate experience.

We hope that during the visit of your delegation, we will reach agreements which implementation could increase the productivity of our relations.

Igor Orlov, governor of the Arkhangelsk region of the Russian Federation:
The region is interested not only in the increased supply of products, but also in attracting Belarusian partners to the implementation of investment projects in the region.

Machinery made by Belarusian industrial giants established itself abroad long ago. Therefore, Arkhangelsk region could buy Belarus-made mining trucks, buses, as well as equipment for the timber industry and agriculture.

Historical ties are the basis for closer economic cooperation. Despite the fact that Minsk and Arkhangelsk are almost 2,000 kilometers apart, the peoples are united and people still remember that holy victory. Today, the delegation of the Russian region laid wreaths and flowers at the monument in Victory Square honoring the memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic War.