Big Crystal Globe winner Domracheva to return to Belarus on Tuesday evening


Big Crystal Globe winner Domracheva to return to Belarus on Tuesday evening

A joyful event of recent days: the star of Belarusian sport Darya Domracheva rightfully become biathlete number 1 in the world! The highest award - the Big Crystal Globe - has already been in her hands. Dasha held this globe and will soon bring it back to Belarus. Early next week, she arrives in Minsk.

The three-time Olympic champion, "golden" Belarus' Dasha is now the best biathlete planet. The Big Crystal Globe is the only award that the athlete lacked.The trophy literally slip out of her hands during the three previous seasons. And here it is, the long-awaited finish in 2015.

Path to the title of the best biathlete of the planet is hard: thousands of miles and hundreds of thousands of shots.

In Sochi everything went exceptionally well. Domracheva forged her own happiness and give unforgettable emotions to millions of fans. Ranking ninth in the sprint, Domracheva made a real feat and left everyone behind in the pursuit.

She won all the remaining personal races and became the first in the history of biathlon to climb to the top step of the Olympic podium three times.  "Our golden Dasha" is the hero of Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko awarded her the Hero of Belarus title.

The last race was more like a blockbuster: two arch rivals, shooting, chase and eternal glory encased in a big crystal globe. The whole world watched the fight between Domracheva and Makarainen.  Tired but very happy, it was Domracheva who raised the big crystal globe above her head.

By the way, fans have also made a huge contribution to the winning of the Big Crystal Globe. The day before the final segment of the race, the Belarusian prima decided to recall the dawn of her career and decided to stay on her feet at the prone shooting range.  However, the love of fans helped her cope with this curiosity. "Dasha, lie down," shouted people from the stands. And she heard it: sunny smile and clean shooting opened the door to the biathlon Olympus.

Very soon we will be able to see again Dasha on the track. The best biathlete of the planet will take part in the Race of Champions in Tyumen. And without a doubt, she will decorate the show closing every biathlon season. Domracheva will fly home to Minsk for a short time and then depart for Tyumen.

Alexander Gagiyev, First Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
A lot of people are willing to go to meet Dasha. This is the sports community and students of our university. To this end, we specifically ordered two buses.  On Tuesday, at 23.45 the plane arrives and we are looking forward to seeing Dasha.