Co-pilot to blame for A320 crash?

Co-pilot to blame for A320 crash?

New details about the recent tragedy in the Alps have been revealed. During deciphering of the flight recorder, it was found out that a co-pilot could provoke the Airbus crash in the French Alps.

As reported in the media, he deliberately did not let the first pilot in and began move downwards. On the record at the beginning of the flight the pilots have a quiet conversation. After that, the commander of the aircraft came out and the second pilot closed the entrance to the cabin. Further, only loud knock at the door is heard. The co-pilot did not say a word but his breath was even, which means he was not in panic.

Friends and relatives of the co-pilot do not believe that he could deliberately destroy the plane. They say he was a quiet man but always friendly and life-loving. 

The cabin was locked from the outside and to enter it one should enter a special password. This is one of the novelties introduced by air carriers after the September 11 attacks.

Meanwhile, dead bodies are being transported from the crash site. 

Forensic experts are trying to identify the dead. The passenger liner flew from Barcelona to Dusseldorf but crashed on March 24 in the south-east of France. As many as 150 people we on board.