Europe mourning Airbus crash over French Alps

Europe mourning Airbus crash over French Alps

Three days of mourning in memory of those killed in the Airbus plane crash over the French Alps has been declared in the entire Europe. 

People bring flowers and candles to impromptu memorials organized in various European cities. Memorial services are being held in churches.

On board were 144 passengers and six crew members. They all died. Lists of those who flew from Barcelona to Dusseldorf are being drawn. According to preliminary data, there were no Belarusians on the plane.

Meanwhile, experts on March 25 will start decoding data from Airbus' flight recorder.  Data has been taken from the nearest tower that received electronic signals on the liner's route.

Several versions are considered, including a cabin depressurization and technical failure.

With the dawn, rescuers got back the scene. About 600 people, 15 helicopters and two planes are taking part in the search effort.