Belarusian biathlon: Main successes and failures of 2014/2015 season


Belarusian biathlon: Main successes and failures of 2014/2015 season

A contender for the Big Crystal Globe is a priori considered one of the favorites for the World Championship. But this season, it turned out exactly the opposite.

The three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva for the first time since 2009 remained without medals of the world championship.

The team leader admitted that the World Championship in Kontiolahti was the most difficult in her career.

The results of the Belarusian team in relay races are like a cardiogram. From two silvers and bronze to nothing.

In the second half of the season, Belarusians were always beyond even the top five in all relays.

The coaching staff of our national team shuffled athletes trying to find the optimal combination. Only the starter Nadezhda Skardino and finisher Darya Domracheva remained the same. But in spite of all the permutations, those three medals at the beginning of the season remained the only ones.

Perhaps the season 14/15 is one of the worst seasons for the Belarus men's team.

In relays, men never rose above eighth place, and the best result was tenth place at the World Championships in Kontiolahti. By the way, Belarusians were in the top 10 at the World Championships in the men's relay seven years ago.

The change of generations in the men's biathlon in Belarus is not on the cards.

At the last World Junior Championships, Belarusian men did not even get into the top five.

So far, the conclusion is the same: only the women's part of the team will fight for medals in the coming years.

In the world biathlon, there is an axiom: shooting is not the trump card of Darya Domracheva. In this regard, the sprint in Ruhpolding was notable because the Belarusian biathlete shot clear.

It was the first time the leader of our team shot clean in his personal race since March 3, 2012.

Until that moment, Dasha missed in 65 previous races.

Three-time Olympic champion, established leader of the world biathlon never won in the overall World Cup standings.  The big crystal globe was Darya Domracheva's only desire. And on March 22, 2015, the World Cup took its rightful place alongside the three gold medals of the Games in Sochi.

It is noteworthy that Darya Domracheva is now in the top three athletes in the history of biathlon in terms of the number of individual medals at the World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games, behind only Magadlene Forsberg and Ursula Disl.

Just a few days prior to the Youth/Junior World Championship Darya Blashko became known as new Darya Domracheva capable of glorifying Belarusian sports.

Her performance in Raubichi was successful: the young athlete gave Belarusian fans hope that the future generations of biathletes will compete equally well as now Domracheva and Co.

Despite the instability and arrhythmia in the relay race, for our women's team can consider this season successful.

The women's team of Belarus won fourth place in the Nations Cup and got the opportunity to start six biathletes in the next season's World Cup races.

The Junior World Championship in Raubichi proved that Belarus has a good chance to host the World Cup.

The Junior World Championships was organized at the highest level and a record number of fans watched it from the stands.

But for now the World Cup calendar has been already drawn up until 2018.

Despite the bad season for the men's team as a whole, we still found a motive for praise.

Yuri Liadov became a bright spot at the World Championships in Finland.

In Kontiolahti, Liadov was always in the top 20. In one of the races, Yuri ran even faster than Martin Fourcade (taking into account only race time).

But let's not forget that athletes are also people and they have their personal life besides wax-rooms, rifles and firing ranges. Therefore, summing up the season, we would like to congratulate the former biathlete Lyudmila Kalinchik on childbirth and wish her family plenty of smiles and positive emotions.

We also wish Klaus Siebert strong health and a speedy return to the national team.