Belarus, Orenburg to build new gypsum plant in Minsk region

Belarus, Orenburg to build new gypsum plant in Minsk region

Belarus and the Russian Orenburg region are in search of new ways of cooperation. One of the areas of mutual interest will be the construction in Belarus of a new gypsum plant.

As reported during the meeting, held yesterday in Minsk, the production facility should become operational in the next 3.5 years. When it is launched, there will be no sense in Belarus importing plasterboard products.

Moreover, the goods produced in the country will be supplied to neighboring countries.

Yuri Goncharov, investor, member of the delegation of Orenburg Region of the Russian Federation:
In the hero-city Minsk, last year we privatized a plant called Belgips. We have obligations to the Government to build a new production facility in the village Gatovo Minsk region in the course of 3.5 years. Belarus understands the importance of import substitution. And our project aims to solve this problem. We want to replace all imported analogues. Everything related to gypsum boards and dry construction mixtures.

The visit of the Orenburg delegation, headed by Governor Yuri Berg, will continue on March 24. The Russian guests will visit a number of industrial and social facilities in Belarus. Following the results of the visit, the parties will sign an action plan for the development of cooperation until 2017.