International Forum in Vitebsk: Over 200 investment and innovation projects

International Forum in Vitebsk: Over 200 investment and innovation projects

On March 19, Vitebsk became a negotiating platform for foreign investors. The largest business forum brought together dozens of foreign companies that are going to invest in the region in the near future or are already working there. Over two days, more than 200 investment projects will be presented. 

Nikolai Koval, deputy chairman of the Postavy executive committee:
We are looking for investors to Voropayevo Woodworking Plant, where there is a hydroelectric power plant that today produces only 40 percent of electricity our enterprises need.

The furniture manufacturer will provide itself with electricity and the excess will go into the general grid of the Postavy district. Specialists are convinced that the investment project will pay off in 7 years.

Anastasia But, CTV:
Vitebsk has something to offer to potential investors. For example, they are welcome to take part in the construction of the residential neighborhood Luchesa. It now exists only in the form of an architectural model. Alternatively, they can participate in the construction of the 2nd stage of the main concert venue of Vitebsk - the Summer Amphitheatre.

Almost all spheres of the economy are presented. The geography of business partners is impressive. Representatives of Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Kyrgyzstan expressed serious intentions of cooperation. Therefore, partners did not postpone agreements and signed some contracts right at the meeting.

Sergey Yurkevich, head of the administration of free economic zone Vitebsk:
Kyrgyzstan is entering the Eurasian Economic Union, so while Belarus is a bridge to Europe, Kyrgyzstan is a bridge to Asia. 

Today Vitebsk does not just demonstrate its business potential and opportunities. In preparing designs and projects, the organizers tried to take into account the interests and wishes of investors. People with money are seriously considering investing in the northern region, the city of youth and intelligence.

Thomas Dubik, investor (Poland):
We are interested in the project to renovate the center of Vitebsk. We are ready to provide our services. We hope to invest in the Vitebsk region. Especially because Vitebsk is a youth center. I believe it is necessary to work on this potential.

Pavel Tuma, investor (Czech Republic):
Some 60% of the area in Belarus is covered by forests. The processing of waste wood, green energy... We will possibly finance these projects, too.

Today dozens of companies with foreign capital successfully operate in the Vitebsk region. Investments amount to over a billion U.S. dollars. This is a good example of how regional projects are working for the development of the region.