Shooting competition: Biathlete Daria Blashko v shooter Ilya Chergeiko


Shooting competition: Biathlete Daria Blashko v shooter Ilya Chergeiko

Darya Blashko is a two-time champion of the World Biathlon Youth Championship. To win some of the most high-ranked tournaments, she needs not only to shoot perfectly, but also run very fast.

Ilya Chergeyko is a two-time winner of the bronze medal of the European Biathlon Championship and the winner of many other international competitions. His strongest point is confidence and very high concentration that helps him to get the maximum number of points.

We decided to organize a mini competition between the two shooters. They have 5 shoots each. It is enough to hit the black area from the 10-meter distance for Darya. And they both have pneumatic guns.

The task for Ilya is a bit harder – he needs to hit only tens. Also, he won’t be wearing his special outfit, and not only his accuracy will be evaluated, but also the concentration of bullets. In the beginning, there is adjustment fire. Then comes the master class in right stance and only after all that comes shooting itself.

Dasha is the winner of the first round. During the second round, though, Ilya was more accurate.

With the overall score 1:1, the final shoot was to be the verdict – the moment of truth. Ilya hit the “7”, while Darya – the “8”.

After the mini-competition, the two athletes discussed the nuances of shooting. Biathletes and shooters certainly don’t have many things in common, but they are always willing to share some of the secrets. 

Ilya Chergeyko, two-time bronze medal winner of the European Shooting Championship:
I was always wondering why they miss so much when they are standing at the range. It is the opposite in our sport.

Darya Blashko, two-time world biathlon youth champion:
Usually everyone gets tired in the end of the race. They miss at the last range and get extra minutes for that to the overall time.

In the end, everyone went their own way: Darya was going to get some rest after the hard season, Ilya went on improving his skills before the coming year of hard competitions. One should not doubt that both of them will have many victories in their careers.