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BC Tsmoki Minsk beat Krasnyi Oktyabr 89:84 in VTB United League

On March 17, Tsmoki Minsk hosted Krasnyi Oktyabr from Russia's Volgograd in the VTB United League. Tsmoki won a difficult victory 89:84.

Tsmoki grabbed the lead from the start and were 25 points ahead by the end of the third period.

Alexander Kudryavtsev, Tsmoki Minsk player:
We probably lacked some minutes of rest. That is why we, the three defenders, ended up on the bench by the end of the game, due to reaching foul limit. These nine days were the most difficult for me this season. We studied the opponents very well, probably this was the most meticulous study of the rivals we’ve ever made. We wanted to prove that we can also play basketball (laughs). 

Alexander Kudryavtsev