Belarusian Super Cup 2015: Good football on bad field in bad weather


Belarusian Super Cup 2015: Good football on bad field in bad weather

Polesie’s spring landscapes and nature is waking up from a long winter season just like football is in Belarus. Our CTV Channel team follows the Belarusian Super Cup to the southern part of the country where Borisov’s BATE and Soligorsk’s Shakhter are going to open the new football season.

Pinsk is the central town of the Belarusian region of Polesie, and on March 14, it was the football Super Cup’s central town.

Pinsk has not hosted a match of such a high level since its foundation in 1097. Though there are almost no posters in the town announcing the coming football event, the number of supporters was incredible.

Among the numerous supporters one could also spot the representatives of our football elite, both from the opposing clubs and neutral experts.

Igor Kovalevich, head coach of the Belarusian youth national team:
There are so many supporters, it gives me pleasure to see so many people in such cold weather. I don’t even feel the cold seeing how people support our athletes.

It rained with a few drops from time to time, and the most unpleasant bonus was the strong wind that brought down advertisement hoardings.

In such weather conditions, goalkeepers, who usually suffer the most from bad weather, did their job very well. But there actually wasn’t much work for either Shahkter’s Artur Kotenko or BATE’s Sergei Chernik.

In the first half, the sides made only three shots on target, all in all.

The pace of the game didn’t change very much after the break, so the only critical point became the series of penalty kicks.. When Sergei Chernik repelled Dmitry Komarovsky’s shot it seemed that the keeper was just lucky. Then it was Čović who failed to beat Chernik but the good goalkeeping still seemed just a coincidence. However, the third shot taken by the BATE goalie, this time from Kuzmenok, proved that Chernik was in a really good shape that day.  

Alexander Ermakovich, head coach of  FC BATE:
I think we were no stronger than the opponents’ team, just a bit luckier thanks to our excellent goalkeeper Sergei Chernik.

Sergei Borovsky, chief coach of FC Shakhter:
Unfortunately, we still lose the penalty part as we did last year. We still haven’t found a good person for this role.

On the whole, the first football match in Pinsk in the Belarusian Super Cup history was a success.

The only drawback, from the point of view of many players, was the artificial field which is not very good for athletes’ health.

Igor Stasevich, player of FC BATE:
From the health’s point of view, the field was catastrophically bad for players. It was as if we played on asphalt ground.