Woman of the Year 2015: 30-year-old mother of eighteen children, Deputy Director General and farmstead hostess

Woman of the Year 2015: 30-year-old mother of eighteen children, Deputy Director General and farmstead hostess

On March 14, the competition "Woman of the Year" ended in Belarus. Women's Day again!  Who were those successful and beautiful women? Tatiana Revizore has the report.

It's hard to believe, but Kate is mother of eighteen children. Four of them are her own and others were adopted. However, this word is avoided in their family. Everyone is equal, after all.

Feed everyone, get them ready for school and kindergarten and, of course, give care and attention to everyone is not an easy task, but Katia could give a master class in these issues. By the way, she is not only mother, but also a businesswoman. The woman combines all this with studying towards the master's degree in psychology. She is in time everywhere!

Ekaterina Stankevich, parent-educator of the house of the family type:
Here is my favorite hockey team! Hi, guys!

Some of the kids are involved in sports at a serious level.

Ekaterina Stankevich:
Of course, conditions could be better here, because there are a lot of kids and only one chalkboard.

And during the holidays they travel in one large family. Europe, Cuba, India, Egypt - there are few places that are still not marked.

Ekaterina Stankevich:
All are surprised because someone says the word "mum" all the time, every second. I also like to dress children in one color: all are yellow or red or orange! So sometimes people think we are some kind of a sports team.

The family have their recreation base. But very often they spend the weekend at charity concerts. And mom here is like a real artistic director.

Kate is thirty. Children grow quickly!

Bozhena is daughter of one of Ekaterina's pupils, Ulyana. The girl created a family two years ago and is now expecting her second child. Alina is also married. She is also preparing to become a mother.

Alina Pavlyuchenko, adopted daughter:
First I called my mom and told her. Naturally, my mother was happy as I am. 

It happens that others don't understand Katya. They ask: why so many children? But this woman always has the answer.

Ekaterina Stankevich:
For me, it is not difficult, because I like it. I like to see happy children. I like to see fortunate children. I like to see their happy eyes and happy faces. Of course, large families is a very cool thing. We are like a friendly team!  


Elena Korozhan, Deputy Director General of a slaughterhouse:   
Woman-leader is no longer news.

Now Elena is Deputy Director General for the economic part of the largest meat-packing plant of the country. These photos take us a quarter of a century back. Then graduate of the Belarusian State Economic University, Elena made a fateful step.

Elena Korozhan:      
Upon graduation, I came here and I was just a little girl. I worked as an accountant here, in this office No.108, for ten years.

Now Elena is in charge of three divisions. All are strategic. Later, she will tell us that the secret of the company is in the proper and effective management. Quality is also vital.

Elena Korozhan:           
Our staff buy only our products. They know how it is produced. That is, we follow those traditions that were laid initially, we support them and pass on from generation to generation.

This meat-packing plant has been a working place for mother of Elena. Her husband is also working here.

Elena Korozhan:      
I love work, luck, and success. But children is the most important achievement in life.


Snow came down and soon tourists will flock to Belarus again!

Alla Polikarpuk, hostess of farmstead:       
Dear guests, come in!

Alla has been engaged in agritourism for eight years. She was inspired by a homestead near Minsk. In this endeavor, they are probably pioneer in their native town of Kobrin and work was not easy. Inspiration helped Alla: an artist by training, she was able to give her site the proper color.

Alla Polikarpuk, hostess:       
Here are ancient buildings of 1903. They survived the Great Patriotic War.

This old house becomes the most desirable in summer. There is also a special museum. Collections for it was collected from grandmother's trunks. Some exhibits cause confusion.

Alla Polikarpuk:       
This is a sledgehammer for chopping wood. Very heavy. Foreigners say that this is like old cricket.

Alla Polikarpuk:       
When tourists come they ask to give them an ax to stretch their muscles! It's like for a Belarusian to go to Africa and split a coconut. This is exotic.

By the way, European lovers of "wild" tourism also come here.

Alla Polikarpuk:       
Imagine that forests are private in Europe. A tourist cannot just go to the forest and put up a tent. You cannot. And here they enjoy it.  The Dutch once came. It was rainy. I say, come into the house, the place is free - spend the night! No, they said they wanted to spend the night in the tent.

Gastronomic tourism attracts guests, too. For her guests, Alla cooks the best dishes. Items of the ancient Belarusian cuisine are on the menu, too.

Alla Polikarpuk:
Germans like fried sausages. Dutch want something green, beans. The Japanese eat everything. But you cannot put a lot on the table because they must eat everything not to offend the hostess. Therefore it is necessary to know how much they eat not to overeat.

She plans to further develop the estate. The whole family is involved in the business.

I love Belarus and want to show how friendly Belarusians can be. We are friendly, hospitable and creative. We are glad when others enjoy it here. And it's useful for the country, because the foreigner leaves money not only at farmsteads but also in stores, at museums and restaurants. This is the money that the region or district will get.

Busy schedules of these women will hardly cross under normal conditions, but today these women gathered in one room.

Each of them won the Woman of the Year award in a particular category.

But the high titles are a confirmation that they got the most important awards in the life even before the competition started.