Belarusian enterprises to take part in construction of Kursk NPP

Belarusian enterprises to take part in construction of Kursk NPP

Belarusian enterprises will take part in the construction of the Kursk NPP. This was said at the meeting of the joint working group of Belarus and the Kursk region.

It is expected that Belarusian specialists will perform construction work on all types of networks and communications installations of the station.

Also, members of the delegation signed a number of contracts. Among them are documents for the purchase of machinery of Belarusian production. In particular, they negotiated the purchase of heavy-duty trucks as well as tires for buses and tractors. 

There are projects in the field of agriculture, education, culture and youth policy.

Over five years, trade between Belarus and Kursk region increased fivefold. Today, it is almost $250 million.

Alexander Krivolapov, deputy governor of the Kursk region (Russia):
We are considering the enterprises of Belarus engaged in the production of agricultural machinery as the Kursk region has achieved significant results in the production volumes of grain. For this we need mechanisms, tractors and tillage equipment. Literally today or tomorrow, a number of agreements with four Belarusian companies will be reviewed and signed.

Sergei Popkov, the Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus:
There are a number of significant events, which we plan to continue and start. This is primarily the further development of our joint production of trolleybuses, the possible participation of our builders in the construction of mining and processing plant and the supply of BelAZ trucks.