Alexander Lukashenko: Official Minsk has always openly and honestly cooperated with Russia

Alexander Lukashenko: Official Minsk has always openly and honestly cooperated with Russia

Official Minsk has always openly and honestly co-operated with Russia. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with the governor of the Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov. Now the Russian delegation is visiting our country.

Despite the difficult economic situation, trade between Belarus and Kursk region grew and reached 250 million dollars. In mutual trade, there is the entire range of goods, from appliances to food.

Dialogue with the leadership of the region is one of the most productive.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
You know our attitude towards Russian regions. I have often talked about it, paying tribute to the regions that it is only you who saved relations between Russia and Belarus. Without you, there would not be such cooperation with you at the highest level, there would be no inter-regional cooperation program "Belarusian-Russian regions". I know you are one of the most sincere Russians, who appreciates Belarus, knows that without the cooperation between Belarus and Russia. We are siblings, God said we should be together and build our integration relationship in this way. You know that we have never been dishonest with Russians. If we decided that this would be the Union, we are doing everything to build this military-political and economic union. We are doing it openly and honestly.

Alexander Mikhailov, governor of Kursk region of the Russian Federation:
We once, in 2002, when signing the agreement, said it would be nice to hit a trade of $100 million. Today, the figure we have should be higher. We see an increasing number of enterprises and our institutions of higher education who would like to participate in bilateral contacts and cooperate to develop these relations further.

Belarus and Kursk enterprises are united in a single production chain. Belarusian trolleybuses are being jointly produced in the region. There is a desire to expand industrial cooperation.

The delegation of the Russian region visited several enterprises. They visited a plant for the production of electric trains. On March 10, there was planned a visit to Minsk Automobile Plant.

A little later, there will be held talks in the Government, where the sides are expected to sign agreements on cooperation for the next two years.

The governor of the Russian region began his working day on March 10 with the laying of a wreath at the monument in Victory Square. Some 70 years ago, the fraternal peoples fought shoulder to shoulder against Nazi invaders.

Memory of the victims during that terrible war was observed with a minute of silence. The anthems of the two countries were played and the honor guard marched.