CTV female journalists master male professions on International Women's Day

CTV female journalists master male professions on International Women's Day

The characters of the next story are female CTV news anchors. They tested how women would feel in men's shoes. Yulia Kalashnikova, Yekaterina Zabenko, Olga Burlakova and Yulia Alexandrova destroyed all stereotypes about the fairer sex and proved that women can really do anything.

Yulia Kalashnikova, CTV news anchor:
I am holding a Kalashnikov rifle. The phrase "Yulia, take a hold on oneself" fits perfectly!

The CTV channel news anchor was born into a military family, but has not yet held an AK in her hands. But on the eve of March 8, the Belarusian military decided to fulfill the desire of Julia and presented her a certificate to the firing range marked "all inclusive".

Julia disassembles the weapon. From theory to practice.

The serviceman explains everything to her on the fly. A few training rounds.

Next is the armored infantry vehicle.

In such an armored vehicle, you cannot hear the echo of shots. Through the sights of the arrow, the crew only see the result.


Yulia Kalashnikova

Who came up with the fact that women on board is a bad omen? All shots hit the target.

Yuri Zakhilko, senior lecturer in the fire training department of the Combined Arms Faculty of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus:
Julia today completed the first exercise - Armed BTR-80 - with the "Excellent" mark.

Julia Kalashnikova passes the final test. To get to the helm of the BMP, you should try hard.

A brief technical inspection. While Julia sits at the helm, observers make bets: will she manage to even move the vehicle? To shift the transmission of the armored vehicle is harder than pushing remote control buttons. With the help of the mechanic, she finally manages to pull the lever.

Yulia Kalashnikova, CTV channel news anchor:
In fact, you need very much physical strength to pull away.

Julia Kalashnikova's colleague, Olga Burlakova, went to the agricultural front. The mechanical premises of one of the farms of the Minsk district.

Olga Burlakova

Olga persistently peers in the interior of the machinery and then starts working.

Olga Burlakova, CTV anchor:
I have always been attracted by machinery, something that is done with your own hands. I helped guys repair cars and adjust their color.
I was in Paris last year. So near Paris, there was a showroom featuring our Belarusian tractors, a boutique. And our tractors. Beauty! Incidentally, they are popular with French farmers.

The TV presenter had to learn express training in gas welding.

Yevgeny Miklashevich, mechanic:
An experienced specialist came to us and helped us. We run the tractor's vehicle and a small MAZ.

Pavel Perepelko, welder:
I think that women can do much too: they can use a hammer and chopper.

Today, Yekaterina Zabenko came to a service station instead of CTV office. The man is clearly confused.

Yuri Shlapakov, director of a service station:
She know how to do some things. Apparently, she learned it somewhere. But I would not risk hiring her. Still, in our business, you need to work many, many years to become a professional. 

Yekaterina admits that she had to do men's work quite often. She drove nails into the wall, hung shelves and has recently repaired a couch mechanism.

Yekaterina Zabenko, CTV anchor:
I had to even repair a car. In general, I know where certain devices in the car are located, I know where plugs are, where to pour water and fuel.

Yekaterina Zabenko

Fragile Yulia Alexandrova once became a lifesaver. At the age of 13, the TV presenter pulled out from water her friend, who struggled between life and death.

Today she came to improve her life saving skills to one of the fire stations in Minsk.

Conditions were close to the extreme, but this was a drill.

Yulia Alexandrova, CTV news anchor:
I do not know what awaits me, but it's probably a normal state of a lifeguard because you find out about what happened only when you are being driven to the site.

Yulia Alexandrova

She will go through fire and water!

Next is the psychological test: a house without windows and doors with a smokescreen. This test is not for the claustrophobic.

Yulia Alexandrova:
I think for me this is still a lot easier to do all that because firstly, I do it without additional equipment and, secondly, thank you mom and dad because I am so small and compact.
I felt with my own skin how difficult it is. So thank you very much for what you are doing. Really, thank you.

Yulia was then sent to a 45-meter height. The seventh heaven, she says.

All our characters heroically coped with the trials that men face every day. But even given these hardships, our presenters remained feminine. After all, someone came up once with this division into the strong and weak.

And tomorrow they will return to the CTV and make new programs. Millions of eyes on the other side of the screen are already waiting for them.

Alex Dubovik:
Julia once saved me. Big thanks to her for it. I am very grateful for that. I would like to congratulate Julia, all girls and women of Belarus, as well as CTV channel on this wonderful holiday - International Women's Day.