On the eve of March 8, Belarus President confers state awards on women

On the eve of March 8, Belarus President confers state awards on women

President of Belarus conferred state awards on March 6. The Palace of Independence hosted a ceremony that brought together the best of the best in their fields. The ceremony took place on the eve of March 8, so the list of awarded included exclusively ladies. 

They were awarded the Orders of Mother and got medals "For Labor Merit" and the medal of Francysk Skaryna. The list of awardees included 35 women. 

Congratulations from the President on the eve of the main holiday of spring have become a good tradition.

Taking part in the event were workers of the national economy, medicine, social services, education, culture and sport.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:  
At this gala event, there are present women of different professions. Among them, I want to note those who represent healthcare. Achievements of Belarusian medicine would not be possible without your professionalism, caring hands and good hearts.
Women achieve employment success in all sectors of the economy, and many of them confidently hold leading positions. Especially in trade, public catering, communications, banking, light and food industries.
Women are not only homemakers, but also the protectors of the state, peace and order in our society. Today more and more women serve in the army, police, customs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Most public servants are also women.
We note the role of women in the development and improvement of education and scientific sphere. Your contribute to the enhancing of national and cultural heritage and development of physical culture and sport. The brilliant successes of our women in the field of arts and sport glorify our country. 
Thank you for the fact that with your work, talent and kindness, you make our world a better place. But whatever your professional success, please don't forget the most important - family, health and welfare of your loved ones. You are keep the keys to every home and you are the guardians of warmth and coziness there.

Alina Pavlovna was awarded a Medal for Labor Merits. She dedicated 38 years to medicine and 30 of them she worked in the Berezina district hospital. She passed all stages: from the local therapist to the head physician. And does not regret. Her team loves her and she loves them all, too. Alina Pavlovna has already become an example for her children. The eldest son also became a doctor.

Alina Zhiznevskaya, chief physician of the Berezina central district hospital:
I knew already in the fifth grade that I would be a doctor, so I do not regret today having chosen such a big way and this profession. 

One hall had place for dozens of really talented people. Their deeds and actions are really expensive.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:  
For your beauty. I know that regardless of the number of children a woman still strives to be beautiful and lovely. I want you to become even more beautiful every day after the new birth of a child. I want both men and women look at you with envy. I wish you happiness, all the best and, most importantly, I wish the same to your babies.