Fourteen refugees from Syria arrive in Belarus

Fourteen refugees from Syria arrive in Belarus

Three Syrian families in Gomel are getting accustomed to a measured way of life of Belarusians. Fleeing from the deadly threat in their homeland, people have found peace in Belarus.

Thanks to a project of the United Nations, 14 people, eight of them children, have started a new life in Belarus.  

Mohamed with two sons and wife fled his native Syria two years ago. First to Lebanon. Now, through the UN - to Belarus. They are Kurds and it is now impossible for them to stay in Syria.

During the five years of turmoil in Syria 220 thousand people were killed. During this time, around 3.5 million inhabitants left the country.

More than a dozen Syrians this week found a new home in Belarus. These are three families. In each of them one of the family members speaks Russian or English. Mohammed, for example, was in Moscow before the war.

Jean-Yves Bouchardy, representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees:
This project is being implemented jointly with the Belarusian authorities. In its framework, three families were resettled from Syria to Belarus. This is the first time the country has taken refugees in the framework of the resettlement program. We believe that the project is a success. And we really express gratitude to the Belarusian government, which took over this project.

Today Mohamed examines the vicinity of Gomel from the windows of the brand new apartment. His family will move here in the near future.

Andrei Sharmanov, Deputy Head of the Citizenship and Migration department of the Internal Affairs Office of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee:
Not only apartments, but also furniture and everything they needed was bought. These apartments are 100% ready. We just need to bring order and prepare people for life in the Republic of Belarus. In this connection, they were accommodated there - to adapt.

The possibility of successful integration and socialization of refugees is one of the main criteria for why the project was selected Belarus. People are given an opportunity to build a peaceful future his.

In addition, Mohamed says they are ready to create new life on Belarusian land.

Mohamed, refugee (Syria):
I want my children to learn. There was no school there. Here it is quiet, there is a school and they will learn there. We are doing everything for them.I do everything for the sake of my children.

However, not only children will study. The Gomel University named after Francysk Skaryna has already organized Russian language courses.