Alexander Lukashenko: We cannot allow any destabilization in Belarus


Alexander Lukashenko: We cannot allow any destabilization in Belarus

On February 23, the head of state gave shoulder straps to senior Belarusian officers. All in all, there are 13 people on the list. Military and special ranks have been assigned to Major Generals of Justice, police and the internal service officers.

The date of the event was chosen on purpose since on February 23, Belarus celebrates Defenders of the Fatherland Day. The President noted that currently the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies play an important role in ensuring the peaceful labor of Belarusians and maintain core values such as security and stability.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:  
We have a whole series of important tasks that lie ahead in a difficult economic situation and the complicated international situation. No matter how expensive it is, we must be together (Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians) and celebrate the 70th anniversary [of the Great Victory in WWII].
Firstly, it is necessary to hold commemorative activities within the country at the highest level. Show the world that the Great Victory is our national treasure.
Secondly, the most important event of the operational training of the armed forces is the exercise "Shield of the Union 2015", which will be held in the Russian Federation on the territory of our main military ally. These drills must demonstrate to the world the willingness and ability of joint efforts to reliably ensure the peace and security that are the basis of the Belarus-Russia Union State creation.
Third, we have an important political campaign. It should be held in an orderly and calm manner. We cannot allow any uncontrolled situation in the country or any destabilization. And it depends, above all, on us, the military.
The unity of our people, the trust of ordinary citizens to the authorities and hard work are the main components of the state’s stability. And our task is not to let down people who trust us, to provide them with an opportunity to peaceably work, raise children and make our life more prosperous and more beautiful.

Viktor Dubovets, Major General, Deputy Interior Minister - Head of the Department of Finance and Logistics:
I have been serving for 27 years. This is a very important date for me, for my family, colleagues and to all those who were around me all this time.  

Alexander Neverovsky, Major General, Head of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Mogilev region):
I am very happy. Commanders, chiefs, and collectives, which brought me up - it's all thanks to our common work. 

Igor Marshalov, Major General, Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus - Director of the Department of Financial Investigations:
When such a high rank is given to an officer, the head of the body it is certainly evaluation of the entire team he heads. 

Alexander Khudoleyev, Major General, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus:
This is, of course, a special honor and a great responsibility. These are achievements of my relatives and friends, those who were near me, who contributed to the common cause.