Raubichi ski complex: History


Raubichi ski complex: History

The sports complex derives its name from a local village. Once man with an ancient name Rouba lived here, while his children and grandchildren were called roubichi (belonging to the Rouba family), the village entered the annals with this very name. 

When in the Soviet years, the authorities were looking for a place for the World Cup Biathlon, Raubichi proved to be better than other venues, including the Belarusian Logoysk. Suitable climate, the wind rose, and location near both the capital and the airport.

The construction began in 1973. It is fair to recognize the locals were not happy. But now not they enjoy it because they became interested in biathlon more than in any other sport.

The first world championship on Belarusian soil was held in 1974. And then the story continued - in 1976, 1982 and 1990. Biathlon World Championships and two European Championships.

After Raubichi became the center of the sporting life, the local landscape has certainly changed. But the sights and breathtaking scenery are the same.

This is the church of the mid-19th century, there was earlier a wooden church at this place. Domes of local shrines are clearly visible in the heart of the sports part of Raubichi.  The stands, the stadium, the penalty loop and the shooting range were modernized.

Biathletes shot at plates and used real army rifles. However, they covered the track without weapons.  Carbines were waiting for athletes at the shooting range. Now ceramic plates are the thing of the past. Raubichi experienced several reconstructions. After the last one, the shooting range with 30 targets has been expanded to 36, moved a few meters and made deeper. Biathletes could not even dream about such modern features 40 years ago!

By the way, Raubichi always been known for its infrastructure. Accommodation and food, a gym, a medical unit, and the track. Everything you need is in one place. One cannot see such sports complexes often. After the reconstruction, a unique indoor shooting range was added.

The Youth/Junior World Championships Biathlon will be held in late February 2015. It will bring together more than 40 teams and 700 participants.