Session of Normandy 4 in Minsk ends, participants leave Palace of Independence


Session of Normandy 4 in Minsk ends, participants leave Palace of Independence

The Normandy 4 negotiations on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine in Minsk ended two hours ago. After 16 hours of talks at the Palace of Independence, leaders of the Norman Quartet finally spoke with journalists. They warmly greeted the President of Belarus and talked to him.

Vladimir Putin was the first to appear from the negotiation room. He came down and talked with Alexander Lukashenko. It was immediately apparent that this was goodbye. The intercourse was friendly.

After that, the leaders of Germany and France went down to the lobby. Alexander Lukashenko talked to them, too. It was a very friendly conversation, and Francois Hollande so enthusiastically shook our president's hand that it was evident that he liked this warm and friendly welcome in Minsk's Palace of Independence.

Petro Poroshenko was the last to come out. He also spoke with the Belarus President. They said goodbye to each other.

After the leaders went out, many journalists surrounded the President of Belarus in search of at least some information.

Vladimir Putin said that much has been achieved after the talks in Minsk. A document has been signed by the contact group in Minsk. This is a "set of measures aimed at implementing the Minsk agreements", i.e. the practical implementation of what has already been agreed in Minsk.

Also, there is a document, a statement by the presidents of Ukraine, France and Germany that they support this process.

The parties have agreed that there will be a cease-fire from 12 am on February 15. Also, they agreed that heavy weapons shall be withdrawn from the current line of contact for the Ukrainian troops.

It was designated in Minsk on September 19.