Meeting of Normandy 4 in Minsk: Media say all issues except for two agreed


Meeting of Normandy 4 in Minsk: Media say all issues except for two agreed

An unprecedented summit in Minsk. The meeting of the Normandy Quartet has been going on for 12 hours already at the Palace of Independence. The leaders of Germany, Ukraine, France and Russia are trying to find a peaceful way out of the crisis in Ukraine. The negotiations began on 11 February, about 9 p.m. in the evening.

For all this time, the leaders participating in the meeting changed the room only two times. They first spoke to each other, then members of delegations joined them but then the latter had to leave again.

As many as 500 journalists at the Palace of Independence overnight received only small portions of information.

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany spoke during two hours without delegation members thereby immediately voilating the initial protocol. The photo ceremony took place only at 10 pm.

President of Belarus in one form or another communicated with all the major participants of the summit. Then Putin, Poroshenko Merkel and Hollande went into the big hall where representatives of the Foreign Ministry joined the debate.

Information was contradictory during all the night. Sometimes at the level of rumors and scraps of phrases. None of the heads of delegations said a word in the presence of journalists.

However, closer to the morning, encouraging news appeared.

Information, citing a source close to the negotiations: all the issues of the agenda have been agreed except for one: control over the Ukrainian-Russian border from the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic.

Also not long ago, the deputy head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration wrote in a social network that the negotiations could take up to 5-6 hours more. In any case, they should be brought to the end and stop the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry several times spoke to reporters. According to Sergei Lavrov, the talks were "better than super."

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has other information that the conversation was difficult, but there was hope for success.

We also learned that the German foreign minister decided to postpone the flight on February 12 to South America and stay in Minsk until the end of the negotiations.

There have been no official statements yet although a couple of times, journalists have made a "false start." The first was about two o'clock in the morning, when all the cameras were at the ready but none approached the press.

Then, Angela Merkel appeared in the hallway. Everyone thought that she was going to give an interview.  But Frau Merkel just handed her cell phone to an assistant. Apparantly the battery ran down.