Actors from Theatre of Nanking perform in Minsk

Actors from Theatre of Nanking perform in Minsk

This theatrical team from China have come to Minsk on tour for the first time. They prepared for the Belarusian audience dancing, singing, circus acts, Beijing Opera and other numbers. By the way, according to the Chinese calendar, with the coming of spring, there comes New Year.

Six months of rehearsals. 30 best artists. 15 numbers. Each of these artists has a whole suitcase of vivid images. The troupe of Nanking Theater, after testing the best scenes of France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Israel, performed in front of the domestic audience.

Huansuan Den, theater artist (China):
We really played at many venues in the world. The stage today is somewhat small. But it does not bother us, and it will not at all affect the quality of the performance. For us the main thing is to acquaint Belarusians with our culture. We want mood to be really festive all evening.

This is exclusive footage from the CTV channel: leading soloists are without concert costumes and even without makeup. They are rehearsing in warm sweaters, jackets and boots. But it seems that even climate change cannot affect the quality of their performances: all gestures and postures are precise; gait and the expression of their eyes - everything is designed to as clearly as possible reflect the character of the hero. Graceful Wen Tian admits that it is not enough to love dance, but it is necessary to live it.

Wen Tian, ​​theater artist (China):
As a professional artist, I have to watch my diet. As for the differences between European and Chinese dancing... Your choreography is somewhat hotter... passionate... We are more shy.

Chinese New Year - Chun Jie - begins with a cheerful spring holiday. For guests from China, it became a kind of cultural brand. In the past 5 years, numerous delegations were sent outside China to present their gifts to new friends at the stage. 

There were also two Belarusian songs in its repertoire. Of course, in translation. By the way. Artists and organizers promised to expand the repertoire, as well as range of joint cultural events by the time of the next festival.  

Xiaoli Wang, theater artist (China):
In fact, none of the actors knows Russian. This is a very difficult language. Pronunciation. So first, we just learned the melody, and only then words. But of course we like songs very much. As well as your country. Very much. We will definitely return.