Church of the Holy Spirit in Minsk: Place for newlyweds


Church of the Holy Spirit in Minsk: Place for newlyweds

Created in the style of Northern Renaissance in the 17th century, the original temple was meant to be a part of the architectural ensemble, along with the square, the City Hall and the trade arcade.

The Church of the Holy Spirit belonged to a monastery complex. Back at the beginning of the last century, it was the major Orthodox church in the city and was destroyed in the 1930s.

The only part to survive was the foundation that was saved along with all the archaeological finds.

The stove supplying heat to the entire complex was rebuilt several times during its history. The engraved bricks with manufacturers’ names are literally "set in stone" for ages and seem to be a nice branding solution.

Here, scientists found a crypt with the remains of a man and a woman. Supposedly this is either monks or Sapieha family members.

A little further, one can find a special place for newlyweds, where the first wedding was conducted 300 years ago.

Pavel Rakhmanko, editor of the concert department at the Minskkontsert company:
According to an old legend, the large stone is symbolic of man, the smallest one stands for  woman, and the one in the middle is a symbol for procreation. Accordingly, the whole stone complex represents a family life cycle, namely, ups and downs spouses will go through in their marriage. Young couples are supposed to make a wish here and perform a rite to unite their souls.

The reconstruction plan was based on a picture from the first half of the 19th century. The gallery connecting the church with the former convent building was restored as well. The latter one houses a children's music school now.

Mikhail Zhikh, chief engineer at Minskaya Spadchina:
We carried out a historical and bibliographic search and found drafts dated 1843. We also completed arduous research work on the bibliography abroad, namely, in Vilnius, Krakow, and Warsaw.

Now the building houses the Children’s Philharmonic Hall called “Upper Town” established last fall.

Today, the vibes of the newly restored building make it a perfect place for wedding ceremonies and concerts.