Alexander Lukashenko approves decision on protection of Belarus' state border in 2015


Alexander Lukashenko approves decision on protection of Belarus' state border in 2015

The President of Belarus approved on January 19 a decision on the protection of the state border of Belarus in 2015. This is a traditional annual procedure. The President stressed that border security is among the most important issues of Belarus' public policy.

Alexander Lukashenko asked the officials at the meeting to what extent the negative tendencies in neighboring countries, which have manifested themselves in recent years along the Belarusian border, are taken into account in the draft document.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:  
In January last year, at the expanded board border agency, we discussed topical issues. Then we talked about the optimization of the border service, improving law and order in the border area, the role of the regional commissions in addressing these issues, as well as assistance from the government agencies and the local population in border areas to protect our borders. There is nothing new in this. A very important area is the border with NATO and the EU. We've been too democratic in this respect, so to speak. So we decided to go back to the tried and tested method to involve people in the defense of the state border. But for this it was necessary to shake the local authorities and the population itself in the neighborhood.
I am reported that we have addressed everything when it comes to the legislative process in the field of border protection.
I would also like to hear from the head of the State Border Committee whether the negative trends that we have seen in recent years along our borders are taken into account. Please report to me on any problems you face in this regard. Do not forget that building relations with the East and the West, we need to understand that national interests is our vital cause and sacred duty. 

All orders concerning the protection of the state border given by the President have been fulfilled. Security has been improved in all directions.

Much work has been done on the provision of state border posts with engineering equipment. Modern technologies have been introduced.

This made it possible to improve the quality of border protection. Prevention work is carried out in the border troops, which allowed an approximately 15% reduction in the number of offenses related to the border regime, especially among the local population. 

Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus: 
The President has given appropriate instructions for 2015, approved the decision to further improve border security system, to adapt it to modern conditions, conditions which develops our borders. Specific instructions have been given with regard to engineering equipment of the state border, and to strengthen certain areas of the protection of the state border. He also gave a number of assignments to improve the quality of operational and investigative activities and other types of border security we are responsible for.