Bragin village meteorites


Bragin village meteorites

It is still not clear why the village is called Bragin.

Some historians claim that the village got the name of the Braginka river, some say it derives from the moorland.

Брагин, Гомельская область

After the second partition of Rzeczpospolita, the Bragin village became a part of Russian Empire.  The village passed into the ownership of many persons and soon it turned into a small town of the Rechitsky district of the Northwest edge, as Belarus was earlier called in the Russian Empire. The ancient buildings have not survived except one cellar.

Брагин, Гомельская область

There was a manor of the Polish landowner Rakitsky. People say he had a good orchestra conducted by a German.

Here in Bragin, in the end of the 19th century, Belarusian publicist Sergey Poluyan was born.

It is thanks to him that the books of Maksim Bogdanovich were printed. And Bogdanovich devoted the very first book published during his lifetime ("Wreath") to Sergey Poluyan.

Janka Kupala devoted the main poem to the guy from Bragin - also Sergey Poluyan.

In 1998, a local history museum was opened in Bragin.

In the beginning of the 19th century, a meteorite shower was observed here. After that shower, a little rock that weights 38 kilograms was placed in the museum.

Over two centuries, a lot of rocks have been taken out. They are exposed both in Europe, and in Russia and one can find the inscription “Bragin” under each of them since Bragin meteorites are of special value.