Ioffe: The West's attitude to Belarus is gradually changing


Ioffe: The West's attitude to Belarus is gradually changing

The attitude of the West to Belarus is changing. This opinion was expressed by Redford University Professor Grigory Ioffe January 13. The American expert presented in Minsk a book about Belarus. 

The book is based, among other things, on interviews with the Belarusian President. Students of the Academy of Public Administration in Minsk were able to speak to the analyst and journalist from the United States.

Over the last 15 years, Mr Ioffe has been studying everything happening in Belarus. 

Grigory Ioffe, professor at Redford University (USA):
I must sadly admit that the level of recognition of the Republic of Belarus is not very high in the United States. But the trend is good. For example, the peace initiatives [in the Ukraine crisis] that have been proposed by the Belarus President, the meeting in the Minsk format for the resolution of this terrible crisis. We see that politically active and thinking people gradually realize that the fact that Belarus is an island of stability is not a cliché brought forward by propaganda but a reality.