Alexander Lukashenko sends draft of decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens" for revision

Alexander Lukashenko sends draft of decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens" for revision

There should not be social dependency in Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko on January 13 held a meeting on the draft decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens."

In fact, it is about to make to pay for the social benefit those who do not pay taxes but receives salary illegally or engaged in the informal sector of the economy.

Back in October 2014, the President instructed to develop measures against such citizens. There are about 500,000 of them in Belarus.

The business of "adventurous travelers" in the language of law is defined as "illegal business activities". This means that the budget does not receive enough money.

These people do not pay any income taxes or insurance.

Before signing the document - the decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens" - on January 13, Alexander Lukashenko invited the developers of the draft to once again discuss all its provisions.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
From the government's earlier proposals I support the following: firstly, to increase the minimum length of service necessary to get pensions from 10 to 15 years. And we agreed that this is the first step. Maybe not 15 but 20 years.  But for now - 15 years.
Secondly, the age of those who don't have work experience but want to apply for a minimum social pension will be increased by five years. Maybe we'll take some other steps in this direction in the future. This, incidentally, will help to delay pensions for those who did not contributed to the economy in their life. These social pensions are small but in terms of the whole country, this means billions of rubles, maybe trillions per year.
Third, we will strengthen the influence of the length of service on the size of the future pensions. The more you worked, the bigger pension you will get. That is correct.
But all these measures will have a positive impact, but only in the long term. And we need to solve the problem of efficient employment without delays. Those who do not pay taxes, should begin to bring benefit to the state today. We will help those who are not able to live at their own expense and cannot pay taxes: the disabled.

The President noted that people who sit back cause great harm to society. The head of state demanded to professionally draft the future decree.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You were required to submit a comprehensive draft decree without any politics involved: do not care about how the fifth column in Belarus will look at us and do not keep in mind the attitude of Russian or other media, whether they will criticize us for it. Let's agree: you are professionals. Please let me deal with the political part of it. I will make decisions and will take into account the political nuances. We will of course face those issues. Your business is a professional draft decree so that we don't start groaning after a while about some flaws.   
There's nothing to be afraid of. Those who do not pay taxes should pay.   Why should we look around? This is the business of our own. Look at those who criticized us, they are hit by the crisis. They control prices and speak openly about the manual management of the economy. I mean those advocates of the market economy who don't have any public property left. They already control private traders. But once we were criticized by them. 

One suggestion is to create a database of unemployed persons and oblige them to pay a fee - 20 base amounts per year. Today it is Br3.6 million.

Valery Mitskevich, deputy head of the Presidential Administration:
The President requested that the document be comprehensive, without any valuation rules, and very specific. The draft of this document offers quite a simple and, we believe, effective mechanism. All the people, in accordance with our constitution, are obliged to participate in the financing of public expenditures. If a person does not work, is engaged in illegal business or receives a salary in envelopes [illegally - note by CTV staff], information on the payment of tax by such persons is not available anywhere. Then we have a legitimate claim for payment of the appropriate fee. 

The Belarus President instructed within a month to finalize the draft decree.