President Lukashenko presents Belarusian Sports Olympus Awards


President Lukashenko presents Belarusian Sports Olympus Awards

Marina Arzamasova, Irina Ilyenkova and Natalia Shikolenko - their awards at various competitions are of special importance in the world of sports.  Their story is just beginning. The "Belarusian Sports Olympus" proves that.

Laureates see the award from the Belarus President as a high appreciation of his work and as a stimulus for further development.

Born into a family of athletes, little Marina Arzamasova knew what cost should be paid to become the champion.

Mom raised her alone and took her to training from an early age. Apparently, at that very moment, the future champion was born in Mrs Arzamasova. Mother's victories and, among other things, a record of Belarus in the women's 1,500m, inspired Marina far more than a lawyer's career.  

Marina Arzamasova, athlete-coach of the national team of the Republic of Belarus in athletics:
I was very pleased when I was on stage, the President's opening statement and then father Pavel... I had tears in my eyes. I had no idea what I could achieve this.   

For the silver medalist of the Sydney Olympics Irina Ilyenkova, the award is confirmation that she once she made the right choice. 

Coaching has become a new stage in her life. She does not like to remember her wins today. Works with students continues her athletic career. Their achievements are perceived personally. Mrs Ilyenkova is inspired by the special prize "Belarusian Sports Olympus."

Irina Ilyenkova, coach and teacher of the establishment "National Center of Olympic training in rhythmic gymnastics":
For me it was the best to forget about my champion's title and begin to live from scratch. I looked at my teachers and coaches and took from them the best, trying to glean knowledge and then transmit it to children.      

Talented Belarusian Natalia Shikolenko is the silver medalist of the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Today she is the coach and teacher in athletics.  World champion in the javelin is training a new generation of outstanding athletes.