Motol: Royal Palace of Bona Sforza


Motol: Royal Palace of Bona Sforza


The first mention of Motol (Motaĺ) in the Lithuanian chronicles goes back to 1422.

This area belonged to the Duke of Pinsk - Prince Fyodor Yaroslavovich. After his death, the land came into possession of the Kingdom. In those days, Sigimund I was The King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He had a wife - a young Italian Bona Sforza, who was placed in charge of Pinsk lands.

Having arrived to the river Yaselda, formerly known as Aselda (the river of gods), Bona said that she wanted to spend there more time and ordered to construct a royal palace on bank of the river. The palace was to become her residence, where exclusively Italians worked.

Plats Korolevy Bony, the main street of Motol, is called in her honor. At the queen’s request, Sigismund gave Motol the Magdeburg rights.

There is a museum in Motol, which has famous Motol sheepskin coats worn by the ruling top. Also, there are various photographs, made before WWII by one of the locals, who had constructed the camera himself. The museum complex includes a windmill that works up to now.

There is an ethnographic theater in Motol called "Motol neighbors."