President Lukashenko to Polish media: Time of missed opportunities is in the past


President Lukashenko to Polish media: Time of missed opportunities is in the past

For the first time in the history of Belarusian-Polish relations, the Belarus head of state talked with four major media outlets of a neighboring country.

Polish journalists from TV channels, radio stations, press agencies and the newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" came to Minsk to talk to the Belarus President.

Thus, the TVP channel is the most popular broadcaster in Poland. And the average circulation of the newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" exceeds 170,000 copies. One of the basic themes of the interview was the relationship between Belarus and Poland.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The time of missed opportunities is behind. Of course, we could have a closer relationship, despite the fact that you are in the European Union and largely limited by some things, EU regulatory enactments. I understand this. Nevertheless, we have a vast field of activity.
If you gather businessmen who cooperate with us, they will tell you how we meet their requirements, and you would immediately change the stance towards Belarus. The fact that we don’t have any political agreements does not matter. It doesn’t matter that we have some disagreements, misunderstanding at the level of civil servants. The border between Poland and Belarus isn’t a wall. We are cooperating actively.

The interview lasted more than three hours. It was held in the format of live conversation. Journalists not only asked questions, but also shared their opinions and impressions with Alexander Lukashenko.

They asked about the economic situation in the republic, about the upcoming presidential elections, and relations with Russia. They also wanted to know about how ethnic Poles feel in our country, and whether Belarus can join the European Union.

Also, personal questions were asked. For example, the reporters wanted to know what kind of New Year gifts Alexander Lukashenko wants to get. During the interview, the reporters expressed the wish that the visa regime between the two countries should be simplified.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You have a new president. I very much hope that this is the person who will conduct a policy in a principled way and will openly look at all things. I would like you to build your policy in relation to us by not only obtaining information from the so-called opposition structures and from oppositionists, but also coming and studying the situation by yourself.