Emergency telephone numbers in Belarus


Emergency telephone numbers in Belarus

In Belarus, you should dial 112 if you need rescuers' help. The extra number of Belarus' Emergencies Ministry has been available from summer 2013. You can dial this number from both mobile and fixed devices.

By the way, the short number 112 is used to call rescuers throughout Europe. Therefore, tourists who arrive in Belarus, are also able to easily contact rescuers if necessary.

At the same time, standard emergency numbers will remain. They are:
Fire department: 101
Police: 102
Ambulance: 103

Vitaly Novitsky, spokesman for the republic of Belarus Ministry of Emergency Situations:
There are several reasons for this innovation. First of all, this number is used on the territory of almost the entire of Europe. Second, almost all mobile phones support it. Third, in the context of the upcoming IIHF World Championship, we believe that foreigners should also be able to dial the number they have got accustomed to - 112.
No matter what number you dial - 101 or 112 - you will hear the emergency service.