Accommodations for tourists in Minsk


Accommodations for tourists in Minsk

It is too expensive for some tourists to live in "Marriott" hotels. Some people, on the contrary, want something even more luxurious.

In May 2013, Belarus saw an unprecedented influx of tourists from Russia. They complained that Minsk lacked cheap hotels of two or three stars where one can stay overnight for $50-70 or even cheaper.

Are there any changes today in comparison with last year? What can the Belarusian capital suggest?

Hotel Belarus is ready to welcome foreign guests in main European languages. This is not the only thing that can surprise a tourist.

Three years have passed after its renovation and the three-star hotel in Minsk has a new life. A modern conference hall, a business center, a beauty salon, a gym and even a mini-water park. The interior is painted in bright and warm colors. 

The tapestry and the national stucco survived after the renovation. Everyone notices this beauty. A crystal cornflower adorns the hotel lobby. A six-meter chandelier, which was produced in Belarus, consists of 30,000 glass elements.

Everyone can test the panoramic elevator. It takes a few seconds to get to the observation deck. You can see the entire center of the city from it.

The same luxurious look opens from the rooms. By the way, many of them have been expanded.

During the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship the cheapest room will cost $85. Luxury apartments with a kitchen and a living room will cost at least $400.

Alexander Shichkov, Deputy Director General of a hotel chain:
All furniture, including in apartments, is of a very high quality. Note that this is all made in Belarus using Belarusian materials. The same goes for appliances. TV sets and refrigerators are from Belarus, too.

The hotel will accommodate journalists during the 2014 IIHF World Championship. All rooms have already been booked.

Marina Kornilova, Russian tourist:
I stayed here twice before the renovation. Now it is very cool, very beautiful... everything is new.
I can say that I often go to Europe. The quality of rooms is almost the same. Sometimes Russian three- or four-star hotels do not boast such quality.

Meanwhile, students pack suitcases.

The Student Village will become a hospitality zone. Hostels can accommodate about 5,000 foreigners. Each block (two rooms) has a separate kitchen and a bathroom.

Guests are also welcome to use gyms and play billiards or tennis at any time. Prices are affordable: from 20 euros per bed.

The resettlement of students is in full swing. Many of them will work as volunteers.

Yelena Derevenko, volunteer:
The main rule for volunteers is to be friendly and sociable so as not to disgrace the country. You should understand that in the eyes of tourists you are the face of the country.

The janitor of the hostel, Lyudmila, is ready to assume the role of an administrator. She laughs and says that students' cribs may help her speak with foreign guests.

Lyudmila Deshkevich, janitor of the hostel:
I think that we will find a common language. Someone knows Polish, someone German and a little English. Volunteers will help us, too. I think we can handle that.

Thirteen new hotels have appeared in Minsk prior to the 2014 World Championship. The five-star hotel "Beijing" will be opened soon. Finishing touches are being put there. For example, not all hotels have got websites translated into English.

All in all, 43 hotels in Minsk are ready to welcome ice hockey lovers. Personnel issues are crucial. After all, service must comply with the international level.

Yuri Natychko, Deputy Head of Public and Hotel Service Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
There was a single number that you could dial to get information about the vacancies in hotels. Ads were published in the subway and subway cars and in railway stations. At present, there are almost no vacancies in Minsk hotels.

Not all targets have been met. Some ambitious projects have still remained on paper.

Minsk residents are ready to rent rooms to tourists, too. Hundreds of ads can be found on the Internet. Real estate agent Ruslan shows a typical two-room apartment in the center of Minsk. All amenities, five minutes to the subway. Ruslan says such apartments are rented out very quickly.

Ruslan Mutalov, real estate agent:
Prices will be slightly higher than on ordinary days, but in any case they will be lower than those in hotels. It is up to clients what to choose. One-room apartment costs about $100, two-room apartment - $150-200 and a three-room apartment is $250-300 on average.

Luxury suites, standard rooms, a hostel or an apartment. It is a matter of taste and money. We can be sure of one thing: there will be enough places for everyone.