Gorky Entertainment Park in Minsk


Gorky Entertainment Park in Minsk

Getting there: Gorky Park is near the metro station Plosca Pieramohi, or Victory Square (in English), blue line). Follow the map on foot from the Plosca Pieramohi station.
Address: 2 Frunze Street
Rides are closed on Monday. Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-21.00
Prices: from $0.5 to $2.5 per ride.

Today the park covers an area of ​​28 hectares. Over 60 local species of trees and shrubs grow in the park. 

There are some rare plants like the cedar pine, the white pine, the Californian fir, the European larch, maples and some others. Lindens and maples that are over a hundred years old have also been preserved.

Entrance to the park near Victory Square

The amusement park features a number of rides: the Ferris wheel, Bumper Cars, Surprise, Ball Pool, Bell, Sun, Boats, Swings (for children) and others. Diky Poezd [Wild Train] is probably the only ride that would be too scary for children but is ideal for adolescents.

The pride of the Park is the Ferris wheel, which is 54m high and can be seen from many parts of Minsk. You can explore the entire city from the top. There are open and closed cabins.

Small children can drive electric vehicles and motorcycles. Such rides as Saturn, Shells (Waltz), Octopus, Orbit and others are suitable for the entire family

You can also take a tour of the park in a small train or explore the Svisloch River by taking a boat tour.

A trampoline, a chamber of horrors and a house of mirrors are also ready to welcome guests.

New antique-style streetlights, benches and litter bins have been installed in the park. 

Since October 2003, Gorky Park has been a tobacco free zone.

You can feed ducks in the Svisloch River and the park's ponds. Squirrels can be often seen in the park, too.

The park hosts different city competitions and is a popular concert venue.