Carriage museum in Minsk features over 100 exhibits


Carriage museum in Minsk features over 100 exhibits

Getting there: The exposition located is the former Bernardine monastery, in the Upper Town (8 Kirila i Mefodiya Street). 

You can easily reach the museum by metro, the station Niamiha (red line, see map).

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday, from 11.00 to 19.00. 

Price: Admission ticket for adults costs about $2. Tickets for students, children and the elderly are cheaper ($0.5-1.5).

If you've always dreamed of seeing the means of transport Minsk residents used in the 19-20th centuries, it's time you visited the carriage museum of Minsk. 

The museum has opened only recently but is ready to delight visitors with over 100 exhibits, old photos and the ability to assemble a carriage on your own.

All visitors will be able to see not only coaches, but also samples of horse equipment, including horseshoes. You will see the a carriage for city tours driven by passengers. 

In addition, you will have an opportunity to take a photo of a britzka with a huge trunk and a huge barouche produced in western Europe in 1890-1895. A britzka is an open carriage with calash top and space for reclining.

A britzka 

At the museum, visitors will find a fragment of a real carriage workshop. There a also a couple of sledges there.

The tour guide will get you familiar with vintage photos of Minsk, show the routes Minsk cabbies used the most frequently and tell you how to use the interactive game "Assemble the carriage."