Unusual museums in Minsk


Unusual museums in Minsk

Beer Museum in Minsk

The museum belongs to the factory Alivaria. You can not only see exhibits connected with beer but also undergo training. You need to leave an application in advance and comprehend brewing philosophy and culture of drinking in the classroom at the academy of beer museum.

Address: 30 Kiseleva Street

Mon - Tue: Closed,
Wed - Sun: 14:00-16:00 and 18:00-20:00

 посещение исторического маршрута, действующего производства, дегустация пивных ароматов и 4 сортов пива!
Photo: pokupon.by

Get to the metro station Ploshcha Peramohi and take bus No. 18 to the station Vulitsa Kiseleva. You will need to go on foot a couple of minutes.

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Museum of history of Belarusian cinema

In this museum you can not only learn everything about Belarusian cinema, its history and top Belarusian films of all kinds and genres, but also watch Belarusian films and retro programs of the cinema and video achieve. Opening hours: The museum is open every day except Sunday. It is easy to find the museum as it is located behind the Red Church.

Address: 4 Sverdlova Street

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10:00-17:30, ticket office is open until 17:00 (Wed, Fri 18.30)


Museum of stones (park of stones)

Museum of stones in Minsk is an open-air museum which is open around the clock, without breaks and days off, and a monument of national importance. It is also a huge map of Belarus in stone. You can see that from above. 

Over 2,100 stones and boulders from all over Belarus are exhibited in the museum. Some of them formed during the ice age, some sacrificial stones, gravestones and simply exhibits that have an interesting shape. This place is worth a visit, especially since you can turn a trip to this museum into a picnic outdoors.

Map of museum, the contours of Belarus. Photo TUT.by

You can get to the Museum (Park) of Stones from the metro station Uruchcha (in Russian Уручье, see map). It takes about 10 minutes to go there on foot. You can also take trolleybus No.62 to the station Muzei Valunov [Museum of Stones].


Sculptor Azgur Museum in Minsk

A great Soviet sculptor Zair Azgur is the author of many sculptures in Minsk in the postwar years. It was he who authored the Yakub Kolas monument in Yakuba Kolosa Square, participated in the creation of the Victory Monument and created monuments to Felix Dzerzhinsky, Lenin and others.

Copies of his works can be seen in the museum. The memorial museum is located in the building was the sculptor's workshop for 11 years. The museum has been working since 2000 but few people know about it.

Address: 8 Azgura Street

Hours: Mon - Tue: Closed, Wed - Sun: 11:00-18:00

Take bus No.18 at the Ploshcha Peramohi metro station and go to the station Pershamaiskaya. Get off and go on foot to the museum as shown on the map.


Oceanography сenter "Open Ocean" in Minsk

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the ocean, feel its salty taste and smell and enjoy its inhabitants? You can touch all five oceans at a time In Minsk. Five rooms in the center of oceanography in Minsk are dedicated to the five oceans of the Earth. Each room has unique underwater inhabitants nurtured by the staff of the center.

Центр океанографии в Минске

Read more on the center of oceanography here.

Address: 3 Brilevskaya Street

Opening hours: 10.00-18.00 


Take bus No. 100 from the city center and go to the station "Chkalova". Get off and follow the map.


Museum of Jewish History and Culture of Belarus

Today it is difficult to imagine that in the 19th century, 50-60% of the population of Minsk and other Belarusian cities and towns were Jews. In the early 20th century, Belarusian, Russian and Polish were state languages along with the Hebrew language. After less than a hundred years, it is not so easy to find Jews in Minsk. The same goes for the rest of Belarus. What happened? Why did this hard-working and talented people like no one else suffered from genocide?  In this museum, you will see what the ghetto is and how the Jewish culture and history is reviving these days.

Address: 28 Very Khoruzhei Street

Hours: Mon - Fri: 12.00-17.00, Sun: 14.00 - 17.00. Saturday is day off. You can visit the museum only if you have an appointment.

E-mail: jewish_museum@mail.ru

Get on bus No. 25 at the station Dom Mebeli near the metro station Yakuba Kolasa and get off at the station “Maksima Bogdanovicha”. Then follow the map on foot.