Main bike path of Minsk: 26km through heart of Belarusian capital


Main bike path of Minsk: 26km through heart of Belarusian capital

Attention! Bike boom in Belarus! Today it is fashionable to take up sport. A bike is an ideal way to increase your physical activity. Besides, it is an incredibly convenient mode of transport. 

Cyclists are never late. After all, they do not get stuck in traffic jams and the replacement of punctured wheel takes less than 15 minutes!

Now there are so many bikes in Minsk that it is sometimes problematic to park your two-wheeled friend. 

City planners, however, have come to grips with the problem. A concept of the development of cycling in Minsk has already been adopted. The Belarusian capital will transform by 2015: cyclists will feel more comfortable and safer in Minsk.

Minsk is the leader in Belarus by the number of cyclists. Today, more than 400,000 people in Minsk use bikes (every fifth citizen). Every year, the figure increases by about 40,000. 

Minsk may soon surpass Budapest, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Brussels and Barcelona in this regard.

Currently, the main bike path of Minsk has a length of 26 kilometers (see the picture). Mixed pedestrian-bicycle paths are 40 kilometers long. Some 28 bike rentals and 230 bike parking lots have been created in Minsk.

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