Verkhny Gorod (Upper Town) in Minsk


Verkhny Gorod (Upper Town) in Minsk

If you want to get to the Upper Town in Minsk and ask someone for directions, use the words Verkhny Gorod. The imaginary borders of the Upper Town in Minsk are marked on the map (red).

The nearest metro stations are Niamiha (red line) and Oktyabrskaya (blue line). They are from the opposite sides of the Upper Town.

This is one of the most popular places for those who visit Minsk, with lots of cafes, shopping centers and hotels. Please watch the video above.

Sights in Upper Town and nearby:

- Svabody Square
- Holy Spirit Cathedral
- Town Hall
 Palace of Sports
- Church of St Virgin Mary
- Palace of the Republic and Oktyabrskaya Square

About Upper Town

The Upper Town in Minsk is the most interesting area of ​​the historical center of Minsk. The Upper Town includes Svabody Square, Musicalnyi Lane, Gerzen Street, Revolutsionnaya Street, Kirila i Mefodiya Street, Internatsionalnaya Street, Torgovaya Street, and part of Komsomolskaya Street and Engelsa Street.

The Upper City got its name in the 16th century. In the mid-16th century, the Upper Town became a place where the richest and most influential residents settled.

Until World War II, the Upper Town remained the hub of creative and business life of the capital. During the war, many of the architectural monuments of the city lost their original appearance. However, after the war, this historical part of Minsk was rebuilt by citizens.

Today the architectural ensemble of the city, which has been evolving over many centuries, is a unique corner of ​​urban art where near the monuments of different eras and styles are located: classicism and baroque, eclectic and modern.

The Town Hall was restores a couple of years ago, which is a symbol of the continuity of epochs in the city. Many monuments and historical buildings are being renovated or restored.

The central element of the Upper Town is Svabody Square (Freedom Square), which was formed as early as in the 16th century. 

According to a legend, underground tunnels under this square link all the major monastic complexes in Minsk. These passages are said to be created in the 17th century and were supposed to be used during wars (in those days, monasteries were used for defensive purposes).

A visit to the Upper Town in Minsk is included in almost all tours of Minsk.