Belarus at Eurovision 2015. Uzari & Maimuna - Time

Belarus at Eurovision 2015. Uzari & Maimuna - Time

Singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna is a song project that fits into the Eurovision format well and can rarely be found among the participants of the Belarusian national selection. The guys presented an unusual combination - a synergy of violin and voice, without any solo or backstage: two bright talents are performing on an equal footing.

Today, the duo, created specifically for the national selection, is one of the main favorites to win the trip to Vienna. The song Time has cemented its place at the top of Eurovision selection charts in Belarus.  

Uzari & Maimuna to represent Belarus at 2015 Eurovision

"Time" is in fact a monologue. This is a melody played by the strings of the character’s soul. He begs and calls on others to appreciate every moment of our life so that we don’t feel sorry about not having time to do something important. Time, though fleeting, is not silent. As thunder, it leads man through life, but it is only man who can tame it.

By the way, Uzari, who was baptized in a thunderstorm, wrote the song Time to the peal of thunder and lightning.

As you can see, the philosophy of this composition is much deeper than a half-eaten bowl of soup as well as the goals the artists want to bring through their audio-visual images. Maimuna is a dark-skinned Belarusian of African descent. Uzari's appearance cannot be called Slavic either. However, strange as it may seem, the musicians are Belarusians.

Uzari Navrotsky, musician:
Belarusians are no more villagers wearing heavy boots and fur caps with earflaps. They are modern European people. And we want to show Europe the modern Belarus.

Maimuna, violinist:
Why should Belarusians necessarily be people with white skin or be dressed in national costumes? This is not always the case. Uzari and I are different from the European conception of Belarusians: we are dark-haired and not blue-eyed! We have many different people in terms of both appearance and nationality. After all, we are a united multi-ethnic country!

Uzari and Maimuna are not new to the big stage. Uzari is a professional musician, performer and composer.

He was a backing vocalist with Belarus' Anastasia Vinnikova at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and represented Belarus at the contest New Wave 2011 (Latvia).

Uzari is recording his first album and working with young talents: he cooperated with young Belarusian star Nadezhda Misyakova, who sang at Junior Eurovision 2014.

Maimuna is a professional violinist, member of the Special Fund of the President of Belarus and has long been the first violinist of the Presidential Orchestra and concertmaster of the orchestra conducted by Viktor Babarikin.

Maimuna has two solo albums (Qween of Africa and Showime) and uncountable number of competitions, both national and international.

She is mother of two children. Daughter Diana is 5 years old and son Filipp is only 2.

Maimuna, violinist:
For me the main thing in my life is family, friendly, strong and happy. This is my greatest achievement and the purpose in life.