New Belarus head coach Alexander Khatskevich gives press conference


New Belarus head coach Alexander Khatskevich gives press conference

Immediately after his appointment as head coach of Belarusian national football team, Alexander Khatskevich answered reporters' questions.

- Negotiations with you and candidates lasted quite a long time. Weren't you nervous?

- A coach can be nervous when he is without work. I had a good job, but then I got a new proposal. I did not agree immediately. We met on several occasions. But the fact that other candidates were considered does not bother me.

- How closely did you follow the matches of the national team of Belarus? What do you think about its game and how does it coincide with your vision?

- I watches matches but more as a fan. The first thing that I can definitely say that the team will not play with five defenders. Regardless of the opponent. I give you my word.

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- Did you talk to someone after receiving an offer from the Belarusian Football Federation?

- I maintain very good relations with Viktor Goncharenko [former BATE coach]. I called him. Viktor supported this proposal. Goncharenko was himself offered this position. But I wouldn't like to reveal details of that conversation.

- You said that you need time to analyze everything. How much?

- You know, no one will understand football completely. I'm going to meet with the coaches of Belarusian teams and discuss various issues with them. Besides, I watched the championship of Belarus. So I start working not from scratch.

- How long are you going to stay according to the contract?

- Until 2017. But if I see that I don't cope with my job we will terminate the contract. I am not going to stick to this place despite bad results. If I don't see progress in the team's performance by autumn 2015, we will discuss my future and a decision will be made.

- The current qualifying campaign has not yet been completed. The team will play a lot of matches. Did the Federation voice some expectations?

- Yes, there are tasks and there is even a provision in the contract but I cannot tell you about it. The higher Belarus climb in the group, the better. Objectively speaking, we have slim chances of qualifying. But every game will be the prospect for the next qualifying campaign [for the 2018 World Cup]. The team should show progress, which is the most important thing.

- Do you intend to call Alexander Hleb to the squad?

- I would not like to speculate about individual players. As far as Hleb is concerned, I can only say that such players should be valued.

- You have played and worked with many coaches. Maybe you will take some features of character from some of them.

- Discipline from Lobanovskiy and sincerity from Malofeev.

- Fans have been largely disappointed with the team's performance and not many of them attend matches of the national football team. How will you deal with the situation?

- It is clear that the game itself primarily attracts fans to the stands.  We will try to play and win. The first training session of the training camp will be completely open, not for 10-15 minutes, but for the entire session. I think it will be interesting to everyone.

- Many skeptics point out that you do not have a rich coaching experience.

- I have worked as a coach for seven years. Except for the Ukrainian national team, I have always been head coach. Plus I had good teachers. I know how they worked, their methods. This is also experience.

- You are moving from Kiev to Minsk?

- Most of the time I will be in Belarus.