What attracts Polish businessmen in Belarus?

What attracts Polish businessmen in Belarus?

What interesting do Polish businessmen find in Belarus today? How do Poles, who visited Minsk many years ago, discover Belarus' market again?

Witold Wieteska, director of a Polish firm cooperating with Orsha Linen Mill:
Our client from France has always said that this is the most beautiful flax in the world. This is Belarusian flax.

Witold began to work in Belarus fourteen years ago. He literally fell in love with Belarusian flax. His company supplies this white gold to both Polish market and that of the EU.

Witold Wieteska, director of a Polish firm cooperating with Orsha Linen Mill:
Belarus has maintained a quality system. The quality is great, there are almost no defective goods. I do not remember cases when people returned it.  People in Europe don't care about flax quality that much these days.

From year to year, more and more Polish businessmen "discover" Belarus. This often happens during economic forums.

The Polish-Belarusian economic forum was last held in 2008. Then Minsk and Warsaw stopped frequent contacts because of political reasons.

Mateusz Piskorski, director of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis:
The factors that hindered the development of our relations before have now disappeared. Moreover, from the point of view of society and public opinion, I must tell you that Belarus is our best neighbor.

Belarus is a strategic partner for Poland. Especially now. The country lost the Ukrainian market after the political crisis. Then the second most important market - the Russian one - was closed because of sanctions.

The Belarusian-Polish Forum brought together more than 300 businessmen who represented medium enterprises and large corporations.

Belarus-Poland Economic Forum 2014: Main results

Janusz Kuleta has cooperated with Belarus since 2009. His company manufactures high-tech locks, which he supplies to Belarus.

Janusz Kuleta, director general of a company producing locks and locking devices:
I am sure that Belarus could be like Hong Kong in Europe. The prospect of cooperation with Belarus is enhanced by its membership in an economic union with Russia and Kazakhstan.

Transport, logistics, agro-processing, energy and mining. The businessmen confirmed arrangements in documents. The Deputy Prime Ministers of the two countries signed a protocol which will serve as a program of economic cooperation for 2015. By the way, the creation of joint ventures is a particular priority of Belarus and Poland because significant results in this direction are already in place.

Since September, Belarus' MAZ trucks have been assembled in the town of Płońsk.

MAZ trucks will be purchased according to a program to modernize the local fleet. 

Belarusian engineers have developed chassis for the car. Depending on the task, different kinds of equipment can be attacked to them. The enterprise also assembles city buses in a separate workshop. The project is fully funded by a Polish investor.

Peter Opas, chairman of a company:
We work with Belarus not only in this very project. We also have a specific project with Gomel Glassworks. In the future, we will spend more time in your country.

Poland is the sixth most important investor in the Belarusian economy. This according to the 2013 data. In the last five years, the volume of these investments has increased by 6.5 times.

Martin Grodski, chairman of the board of a consulting company:
For our company, which is already working in Belarus, your country is characterized by a stable and predictable market. I can confidently say about this because I have worked in other countries. We are interested in starting a business in areas such as transport, logistics, pharmaceuticals and information technology.

One of Polish pharmaceutical companies wants to set up production of drugs in Belarus. A joint project of a virtual bank is being developed.

Belarus and Poland are also close in terms of common past, which is why human relations play a great role in the development of the bilateral cooperation.

Danuta Zinovchik:
Belarusian sausages and dairy products are very delicious. These are quality products. I think they are still natural, no additives or mixtures.

Thousands of people living in Poland's historic region Podlasie still consider themselves Belarusians.

About 20% of the commune of Orla are Belarusians by birth, which is why local authorities have decided to have signs in two languages: Polish and Belarusian. By the way, an ethnic Belarusian became mayor of the neighboring town Bielsko Podlaski.

Jaroslav Borowski, mayor [Polish: burmistrz] of Bielsko Podlaski: 
Most importantly is Slavic soul. If we look at old people who live in villages, we will not be able to tell the difference between those located in the parts of Poland and in Belarus.