Foreigners about Belarusian food


Foreigners about Belarusian food

Despite the fact that Belarusian products have been temporarily banned in Russia, people in different countries praise and like Belarusian food and want to see it on the counters.


Sausage lovers from Suomi praise Servelat "Finsky” [Finnish]. It is made in Belarus.

Christer Bjorkstam:
It tastes excellent! This old good taste

Finland is famous for its cranberry vodka. Our film crew has invited Finns to taste the berries familiar to them in an unusual design.

This is wonderful!


Bread, salt, lard, potatoes

Belarusian manufacturers have to show resourcefulness to deliver products to Armenia. Belarusian bread for Armenia is cooked in Gomel under a special recipe. To preserve all flavoring qualities, flour products are frozen. Sausages are delivered to Transcaucasia by plane.

Armenian: We have a big family - 12 people. So I bought two loaves of bread.


Vitaly Makarchik, store manager in Nice: For example, marshmallow is a Belarusian product. And I am proud of Belarusian kvass, because it is actually the best product of its kind.

United Kingdom

Londoners also know Belarusian food.

Boris Hoffman, store manager:
This is Belarusian birch sap. Belarusian birch sap is better than that from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. It is really in demand.

Boris opened this store in the late 1990s. He came from the Mogilev region and now sells products from CIS countries. The territory of the outlet is almost an embassy. But diplomacy is carried out directly by people. Now, every neighbor knows that Belarusian food is delicious.

Sellers in stores:
This food makes me younger. Tasty herring and caviar... And, of course, sweets for example zephyr (marshmallows).


There is no Belarusian food in Brazil therefore we asked our compatriot, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, what products could be in demand.

Vadim Germanovich:
Buckwheat. Because only China supplies buckwheat to Brazil.


There are only a few restaurants offering Belarusian cuisine. The restaurant Minsk in Tokyo is one of the most popular among the Japanese.

Visitors of the restaurant:
Patties. I like them very much. I also like cabbage rolls. I'd say cabbage rolls belong more to Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant was financed by local businessman but our compatriot Victoria was the mastermind of the project.

Victoria Borysyuk, manager of the of Belarusian cuisine restaurant:
This salad, herring in “shuba-coat”, is the most popular dish. Our visitors also like borsch as well as pancakes and mochanka.

South Africa

In South Africa, Belarusians cook herring in “shuba-coat” and miss native food.

Albina Gudlesser:
Buckwheat here is a little different. And I miss our cheese products.


Irina from Belarus has lived with Azerbaijani Vagif for 17 years but the family still observes Belarusian culinary customs.

Irina Yusubova
We buy a pig. My husband kills it and carves it up and we cook traditional Belarusian sausages.


The CTV staff did not find products from Belarus in Singapore. So we had to share a recipe of the culinary symbol our homeland.

Yuri Koziyatko, CTV director general:
I hope that times will come when Belarus will export potatoes to Singapore.

United Arab Emirates

In the supermarket, which is located in one of the most fashionable shopping centers of Abu Dhabi, Belarusian sour cream and cottage cheese have long been sold. Belarusian products are in demand here, too.

UAE resident:
Dairy products is our trump card.


In Moldova, there is a great abundance of Belarusian products.

We have regular customers who prefer to buy Belarusian cheese.