John Rosman: The quality of Belarusian products is great in all respects!

John Rosman: The quality of Belarusian products is great in all respects!

The greatest part of Belarusian food export goes to Russia. However, Russians are not the only people who taste Belarusian food. Today we are going to tell you about food preferences of foreigners living in Belarus.

Daniel Chiara is an Italian chef. He works at a 5 star hotel in Belarus and visits Belarusian markets very frequently.

I was struck by the variety and taste of Belarusian sausages. My father visited Minsk and he brought Belarusian salami to Italy. My parents asked me to bring more sausages when I go to Italy. Smoked ham, salami… These are my favourite products in Belarus.

Daniel tastes new products every day by virtue of his job. Then all he buys will be used to make the most interesting dishes of Italian cuisine.

You have very delicious potatoes. To prepare the same mashed potatoes in other countries you have to add cream, butter or something else. In Belarus, it is easy to prepare excellent mashed potatoes pure without any additional ingredients.

Before coming to Belarus, Daniel worked at home, in the Middle East, and even in Kazakhstan. We’ve decided to make an experiment in the chef’s kitchen.

Daniel Chiara:
Let's try to make an Italian pizza from very simple Belarusian ingredients. We will be using Belarusian flour, salami, mozzarella, and chanterelles.

- What percentage of Belarusian products do you usually use?

- Approximately 50-60% of all the products we have are Belarusian. The quality of all the products is very high. Belarusian parmesan is very suitable for Italian pizza.


The New York native, John Rosman, fills the product basket with Belarusian goods.

- Where do we start shopping?

- I want the green buckwheat.

- Buckwheat  is not a typical American food.

- Yes, Americans do not have buckwheat. But it is very healthy and tasty.

A graduate of Yale University, John Rosman left home in the early nineties.

He lived in Russia for a long time. Now he considers himself a citizen of Minsk.

- Belarusian products are better than Russian.

- Why?

- Because it is a fact. Look at Russia… It’s a mess, bad quality control.

John is a specialist in the field of computer science. He is the co-founder of a software developing company in Belarus.

Mr.Rosman loves Belarusian cheese.

John Rosman:
Some say that Belarus copies French cheeses and sells them at a much cheaper price. But what’s bad about it? These technologies are known not only in France. France does not have any patents for the cheese.

In his kitchen John shows what usual American bachelors eats. Mr.Rosman is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, which is why one can see many vegetables on the menu.

When I see a ‘Buy Belarusian goods!’ mark, I always try to do so. I want to support Belarus. In addition, the quality is great in all respects.

During the meal, John tells us that he has already renounced the US citizenship and plans to become a Belarusian.

John Rosman:
People here are very calm and peaceful. I really appreciate it. It seems to me that Belarus is a very positive country.

Michael Wiegleb, from Switzerland, also lives in Belarus, because the Stadler company, where he works, considers our country a promising market. Michael has lived in Minsk for two years.

Michael Wiegleb, head of the design department of Stadler Minsk:
Every time I fly to Switzerland and Germany, to visit parents, I take Belarusian bread with me. My family finds it very tasty.

Michael’s family lives in Switzerland.

Michael Wiegleb:
I like Belarusian chocolate. I know Swiss and Belgian chocolate. I can say that Belarus makes excellent chocolate. You will not find gooseberry chocolate on the West. This is a surprise.

Moreover, even switching to Belarusian cheese was not a problem for Michael.

Michael Wiegleb:
Many people do not know what is here.

Michael promises that in a few years, Belarus will be similar to Switzerland, at least in the field of public transport.

Daniel Chiara has finished preparing an international dish.

Daniel Chiara, the chef:
The pizza is crispy, the taste of Belarusian mozzarella is great, mushrooms are delicious, and salami added richness. This is a real Italian pizza but made from Belarusian products”

- Does it taste the same as a pizza in Rome?

- Yes it does! Smachno yesti! [from Belarusian: bon appetit]