Monuments to prominent Belarusians outside Belarus


Monuments to prominent Belarusians outside Belarus

Having a memorial in your homeland is one thing, but if a person has one abroad, it marks his great achievements and multiplies respect.

The CTV would like to introduce Belarusians who obtained the highest degree of recognition.

Francysk Skaryna

The bronze monument of Francysk Skaryna overlooks the square near the National Library of Belarus in Minsk. The one and the only, as we always think… However, the title of the national hero of Belarus doesn’t prevent the great humanist and scientist from having monuments in other countries.

Monument in the Czech Republic


Francysk Skaryna is a well-known figure for people in Vilnius, Kaliningrad and Prague. In the Czech Republic, you can find even a three-meter granite pedestal and a memorial plate commemorating the Belarusian hero. In Prague, Skaryna printed his famous Book of Psalms, which influenced the development of book-printing in Europe.

Adam Mickiewicz

One hero for several countries. Exactly in such a way we introduce you the classicist of the world poetry. He is honored with approximately 40 monuments all over the world. In Minsk the bronze statue of Adam Mickiewicz is located in the park in Gorodskoi Val Street.

The Polish diaspora initiated its creation. However, some consider the Polish national hero a Belarusian native. He was born in Navahrudak [Novogrudok] and is considered a Belarusian Polish-speaking poet.

Besides the monument in his home town, Adam Mickiewicz is monumentalized in Kraków, Poznan, Warsaw, Vilnius, Lviv and even in Paris.

Monument in Vilnius

Monument in Krakow


Yanka Kupala

Undoubtedly, Yanka Kupala is familiar to every Belarusian. Merely in Minsk the museum, the park and a huge monument glorify his name! But is his name familiar to foreigners? Of course, yes!

In Moscow


Moreover, the monument in Moscow is much bigger than its Minsk sibling. It is seven meters higher. Yanka Kupala is also commemorated on the American continent. Four busts of the Belarusian poet are erected in Monroe near New York.

Maksim Bahdanovich

Maksim Bahdanovich is a Belarusian-speaking poet, who spent the most part of his life abroad. It is no wonder Maksim Bahdanovich is well-known not only in Belarus. In the Crimea, the poet was treated for tuberculosis. For sure, architects paid attention to this tragic period of his life.

In Minsk

In Yaroslavl

In Yalta

In the middle of the 20th century, the bust of Maksim Bahdanovich was created in the sea-resort Miskhor. Yaroslavl residents also remember Belarus’ great poet thanks to the monument. It was erected near the gymnasium where Maksim had studied. His name is eminent in Yalta where the author of “Slutskiya tkachykhi” (Slutsk weavers) and “Zorka Venera” [The Star Venus] died.

Uladzimir Karatkievich

Orsha, Vitebsk, and now Kyiv! These cities have the monuments to Uladzimir Karatkievich – the creator of Belarusian historical novel. He received education in Ukraine, worked at school. That’s why the bust was placed in Kiev.

Uladzimir Karatkievich monument in Kyiv



A lot of Belarusian natives became famous away from our homeland. For example, the native of the Brest region Tadeusz Kościuszko is the National hero of USA and Poland. He is honored with six bronze statues in Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, West Point and Saint-Petersburg.

Tadeusz Kościuszko monument in Krakow

Tadeusz Kościuszko monument in Milwaukee, USA

The same goes for Ignacy Domeyko. In Chile, this Belarusian achieved success in science and was honored with a monument.

This monument has an inscription “The Great Enlightener”.

Ignacy Domeyko monument in Minsk

Ignacy Domeyko monument in Warsaw