Oktyabrskaya (Kastryčnickaja) Square in Minsk


Oktyabrskaya (Kastryčnickaja) Square in Minsk

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Nearby metro station: Kastryčnickaja (blue line) or Kupalaŭskaja (red line). Note that this is in fact the same metro station (transfer from one line to the other).

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The square is located in the center of Minsk, along the longest street of Minsk Nezavisimosti Avenue, with the metro stations Kastryčnickaja / Kupalaŭskaja nearby.

The name of the square can be translated into English as October Square (in Russian: Oktyabrskaya; in Belarusian: Kastryčnickaja). The most common use among Minsk residents is “Oktyabrskaya”.

The impressive Palace of the Republic stands in the square. You can see the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions and the former building of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in the eastern part of Oktyabrskaya Square.

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Here is the place of the zero kilometer. Formerly, this “starting point” was located near the Central Post Office. The new sign is 1km away from the former zero kilometer sign.

A granite stone in the form of a pyramid symbolizes eternity and strength. It was made in Portugal. 

The Zero Kilometer mark indicates distance from the center of Minsk to the capitals of the neighboring states as well as regional and district centers of Belarus.

There is Minsk’s biggest fountain near the square, with 1,300 streams.

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A big TV screen in installed in the square.

In winter (if winter is cold enough), the square is turned into an ice skating rink.

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