Uzari & Maimuna to represent Belarus at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Uzari & Maimuna to represent Belarus at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna will go to Austria in May to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

The duo won the Belarusian national Eurovision selection final at night on December 27. Their song is called Time.

"Time" is in fact a monologue. This is a melody played by the strings of the character’s soul. He begs and calls on others to appreciate every moment of our life so that we don’t feel sorry about not having time to do something important. Time, though fleeting, is not silent. As thunder, it leads man through life, but it is only man who can tame it.

By the way, Uzari, who was baptized in a thunderstorm, wrote the song Time to the peal of thunder and lightning.

Maimuna is a dark-skinned Belarusian of African descent. Uzari's appearance cannot be called Slavic either. However, strange as it may seem, the musicians are both Belarusians.

Uzari Navrotsky, musician:
Belarusians are no more villagers wearing heavy boots and fur caps with earflaps. They are modern European people. And we want to show Europe the modern Belarus.

Maimuna, violinist:
Why should Belarusians necessarily be people with white skin or be dressed in national costumes? This is not always the case. Uzari and I are different from the European conception of Belarusians: we are dark-haired and not blue-eyed! We have many different people in terms of both appearance and nationality. After all, we are a united multi-ethnic country!

Read more about the artists here.

Gennady Davydko, chairman of the Belarusian TV and Radio Broadcasting Company, handed over the cherished statuette to the musicians.

Taking part in the national selection final were 15 songs.

After all performances, the audience votes went to the bands Muzzart, Milki and Napoli.

However, the jury voted differently, giving victory to the duo Uzari & Maimuna. As a result, Uzari & Maimuna took first place and will go to Austria in May. The singer Anastasia Malashkevich was in second place, while Guynesh was third. Alexander Rybak's Milki came in fourth.

Alexander Rybak, after the final, posted a video address on YouTube saying he is disappointed with the results of the jury voting.

He noted that he gave so much time to gather the group and write the song and thought his contribution would be appreciated by the jury.

The Eurovision final will take place in Austria on May 23, 2015. Austria will host the contest for a second time. In 1966, the winner was Udo Jürgens.

In 2014, the song "Rise Like a Phoenix" by Conchita Wurst (290 points) gave the country the right to host the contest again.


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